Kindred’s Special: New York Politic Update

Fifty-three year old Andrew Cuomo took the oath of office following the oath by Robert Duffy in the presence of his wife as his Lt. Governor.  Governor Cuomo’s family was present and his girlfriend, Food Network personality Sandra Lee held the Bible during his swearing in ceremony conducted by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman. So far it seems to me that Governor Cuomo has made some wise choices in structuring his administration and we have to await particulars on his agenda for which little has been disclosed to the public. 

My earlier comments about keeping an eye on the Governor’s programs bore some fruit when I read that  Sheldon Silver had called for a private meeting with the elected Cuomo. Might I be allowed to suggest that Mr. Silver intended to set the newly elected Governor about who rules New York politics? As I said, Sheldon Silver should retire as the State needs new leadership and ideas to formulate conservative principles to remedy the liberals’ excessive progressive spending in place over the past 50 years or more.  For the moment I feel that Andy is capable of being his own man and his quiet walk into office without a great deal of fanfare and expense is welcome.

The current ‘hot bed’ is the upcoming 2011 Sportsmen & Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day which takes place on January 25th and should find good attendance at Albany. Stephen Aldstadt, President of SCOPE, addresses this in Firing Lines. He points out that Sheldon Silver is hot for getting after the gun lobby and for passing anti-gun rights legislation. As the result of these efforts by SCOPE and the huge gun owner memberships of a collection of sportsman organizations that traveled to Albany in 2010, only one bill was passed in the House but was defeated in the Senate. Sheldon Silver was not happy as he is used to getting his own way and pushing his own views on the State law making apparatus.

Which goes back to that little private meeting with Cuomo and what plots were hatched during that private meeting.

Are you for limiting the freedoms of New Yorkers and Americans everywhere? Such rhetoric is voiced in schools to children where the commentary delivered is often shaded to give the impression that such laws passed are good for all the citizens and popular. Often, it is just the opposite.  Another group approached are the passive peace advocates that believe that there is no good reason to own or possess weapons of any kind.  Then, there are the sportsmen and hunters who relish the opportunity to bag some game during hunting season that helps control the population of wild animals and birds.  This sets up an ever recurring debate by legislators when more pressing business like deficit and excessive spending policies over the years has put the State in dire straights.

Sheldon Silver has power due to his long standing liberal agendas that assure unions great wages and retirement programs for the public workers in New York. Well, let him stew in his soup bowl of now finding the cupboard is getting ever lower in supplies of Campbell or Progresso soups. When the bowl is empty….might I suggest the State needs to correct course before there is no longer any money left or the population decreases in which case the result is the same.

If this were a chess game, then the pieces have been largely mishandled.

God help us find leaders and the will to turn the tide.


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