Kindred’s Kaleidoscope Special: A Piece of Thanksgiving Pie for Your Thoughts

It never seeks to amaze me about the eternal truth being subject to repeat performances. I like to look at the current politic as being much like many pieces in a pie with slight differences in the size of each piece mealed out to those sitting at the table.  Just who sits at the table?  Our current political system embraces a number of economic philosophies–conservative, libertarian, progressive liberalism, and socialism. What bothers me most is the apparent force exerted by all parties at the table to influence usually with sharp tongues and vitral hatred often with fists pounding the table. Remember Krushchev when he removed his shoe and pounded the table like some cry-baby kid?

Some conservatives believe that President Obama is a socialist, tends to reflect a communist view in particular matters and appears to govern in that manner and so recognized as a cut of pie different from our National heritage.  But shooting off your mouth on TV talk shows that demean our office of the Presidency might attract higher ratings but just what effect does this have beyond those wanting to sell their most current book?  Most of these critics rarely come on unless they have a newly written book for sale and their rhetoric is always filled with generalizations giving repeated statements already recorded many times over TV and radio. Lacking of course is a rational form of discourse of a subject indepth enough for more than a three minute sound-bite. The so called “left” in America is often foreign born commentary and or beliefs of those who wail the injustice of our system we honor. From my perspective, if one is articulate, mature, and honest, you have every right for a seat at the table. I have a seat for you.

There have been some very lasting and wise words expressed, for example, about what we find loosely focused on these days.  David Hume noted, “It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.”  And A. DeTocqueville espoused this memorable note, “I should have loved freedom, I believe, at all times, but in the time in which we live I am ready to worship it.”…F. A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.  I recommend this literature of historical insight and relevant for us today. Well, our fighting men and women in our armies located round the world would, I believe, add a bit to this latter comment, “I love freedom and to preserve our liberties and freedoms for all people who either dream it or live it, personal sacrifice of family and self are necessary. Freedom is not free but must ever be the watch word against all tyranny by freedom loving people everywhere.”

Socialist belief is dream and wake reality. It cries out the virtues for the ideals for social justice, pressing upon people a false sense of equality and security.  Progressives embrace the concepts of socialism today, more than ever, openly for either curtailed or the more extreme abolishment of the capitalist system. Such a planned economy was illustrated by the efforts in China, Russia, Israel and other smaller nation states where socialist policies led down the same road of destitute lonesomeness, fear and self denial of everyday observances of street life often seen in individual democratic values being supressed that included personal, family and religious freedoms.  What replaced the other isms was controlled organization and forced conformity sometimes addressed as ‘re-education camps.

I remember the five-year agricultural farming plans that always seemed to fall short of goals mandated by a succession of leaders in the Soviet Union. In contrast, the American free enterprise system produced the vast majority of food for the world including it’s own population.  American goods of all kinds were found in all assortments of shops and stores abroad.  The biggest factor in why America has abundance in every field of endeavor known to the human race is due to both individual and collective team work to accomplish goals aimed at better work conditions, vast employment and quality workmanship and pride in products brought to market.  What the modern progressive social fabric introduced was internationalism of trade and outsourcing of technology and jobs to poorer nation states that harbored the belief in slave-like working conditions and low wages.  The so-called social justice concept of redistribution of wealth from the wealthy minority to the working class poor found the middle class having to be subsidized due to greed and corruption of open faced capitalism and cloaked corruption of government policies, both leading to our current high rate of unemployment for the past decade and financial woes for the national treasury.  Not that our leaders dropped the ball in such folly tinkering with economic principles and our journalistic highbrows failed to see the folly of poorly developed and executed programs from Congress with Presidental approval, we now find our economy adrift where uncertainty continues fear among business leaders and owners to expand and grow business in the private sector.

The so-called political left that journalists seem to quote often as fact finding truisms are often dead wrong in their appraisals.  Hate talk and outright condemnation of political conservatives and their views of governance are all over the internet.  The internet is useful to the left-wingers because they do not have to debate using that medium as a public forum. Any such debate exposes the arguements which are liberal or socialist in nature as pure bunk in most cases. I assume readers know what pure bunk means.

The United Nations and it’s pressing by a majority of states having little financial understanding of economics seem bent on internationalising the economic structure of the world by reconstructing it to the principles of socialism or communism.  It seems bent also on controlling the world ocean and sea travel.  It hopes to levy taxes on rich nations and corporations and redistribute such wealth to poor nations. The hope, of course, is to uplift those countries and improve the prosperity of peoples round the world.  Dream on. I think I can safely predict that it will not transpire with results that drafters of such folly will lead and make international policy and law ripe for revolution and conflict among nations directly affected.  History teaches us that the best governance is local and as it goes up the chain further from county, to state, to nation also comes a larger pot for distance from the average Joe and Jan in the street. The citizen loses control and voice where representatives often shed their campaign dialogue to personal whims and as proven by financially self-serving scandals galore as long as governments everywhere and in every age have existed.

In the past I have mentioned my own experiences with communism, the KGB, and my correspondent friend in Russia, Victor Lublinsky, who merely wanted the opportunity to become more adept at writing letters in English while playing chess without the official affairs of tournament regulations.  There was also the horrible beatings given the Czech Grandmaster Pachman by the socialist-fascist authorities.  Of course this pales in the annuals of historic butchery at the hands of Nazi Germany under Hitler, the estimated 20 million killed at the direction of Stalin in Russia that included the assassination of key rivals or dissidents who somehow leaped out of hotel windows to their deaths. Of course everyone probably knows the history of Alexander Alekhin who took up residence in Germany to continue his active chess career and his writings were altered to reflect a bias toward those not in Nazi favor.  Such put downs by Al Horowitz of Chess Review and others in the chessworld who condemned him for published writings in the German chess press illustrates once more the likelyhood of such fabrications by socialists in spewing political propaganda of every sort.

Both World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik and World Champion Tigran Petrosian lived by the rules of communist Russia (USSR) having reaped the rewards of honorisms given any chess hero in upholding the greatness of the Soviet School of Chess.  World Champion Boris Spassky left the USSR after losing to Fischer largely due to his ill treatment given him for not returning home after the dispute with Fischer during the match when he was ahead. GM Boris Spassky was an honorable man and a true champion for chess and gave with Fischer a truly wonderful series of battles.

The world is made up of a complex social structure with many differences from physical to economic pieces of a pie.  Nature says that those who receive a lesser slice of a pie are likely to complain about the unfairness.  This is the picture of a socialist behavior and consequently, too, with government power showing it’s love for social justice that covers the slice of pie with whipped cream to hide the shortchanging of the public sector with hidden taxes.  Thankfully modern technology makes it harder and harder to hoodwink the public.

As I sat giving thanks quietly to my Lord for blessing of family, friends, and a chance to find peace from a hectic week of caregiving, a memorable first 500 series for my bowling league team, my wife and I finished with  delicious pieces of pumpkin and mince pie slices loaded with whipped cream. On the way home, the theme of this article came to mind as I traveled along Route 104. All I can add is to say THE END. But the end is just the beginnning as year-end approaches of a new breathe of life given the chess scene as I see it!


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