Kindred’s Special: Snookered

From the very beginning, it was an uphill battle for Carl Paladino, champion of the common people around the Buffalo area.  First he had to wrest the nomination from Lazio, the Republican-Conservative darling, by support of the Tea Party.  Right from the beginning of the campaign, he was snookered.  Newcomers to politics often fall into this trap. One of the opposing supporters, in this case a loud-mouth Democrat liberal, railed on and on about Paladino’s 10-year old daughter during a conference Paladino was having and his ire made him very vocal in response.  What would you do? Personally I would have knocked him out with a right uppercut to his jaw. But that is why I am not interested in politics. And Lazio was slow dropping out or supporting Paladino.

As we chessplayers know, a sound plan is needed to preclude and accompany an attack plan designed to reap the most benefit toward victory. This was lacking in Carl Paladino’s strategy as he touched and pushed on subject matters that few across the broad span of the State could relate.  A pefectly missed opportunity to press on issues of the economy–high taxes, jobs, families and workers choosing to settle in other states, education decline shown by dropouts before graduation, and social conflicts that headline the news almost daily. These require a leader with spirit, ability to extract the best out of people.  Concentrating on the important issues that New Yorkers face every day would have been cannon fodder needed to lay out a sound plan with a staff able to help implement that plan.

On the other side, we have Andrew Cuomo, a lawyer and son of former Governor M. Cuomo.  Remember him? Remember his Lt. Governor? Roads and bridges needed repair; their folly of support for the Super Collider would have ruined the State by altering a vast space and displacing thousands of home owners, businesses and companies that dot the landscape of many farms and rural areas.  And I ask: What ever happened to that folly? Where did it go? Texas governance got burned.  The major question is: Do we need a lawyer or successful businessman at this time to solve the problems our State faces? Personally I would like to see someone who knew something about the art of chess play. In his demeanor rests a man who tends to be secretive and selective of whom he confides. That is the eliteness shown by most lawyers in politics who possess that norm. Yep, head honcho and his elite friends know what is best for New Yorkers and State governance knows no bounds to continuing debunking the residents of our Empire State with continued graft, corruption, high taxes, inflationary policies in government public works, education, labor unions and public workers who benefit from greed and self-gratification.  Maybe that is why lawyers were voted among the least liked professionals.

Frankly I worry about both candidates running for Governor because the debate held was really a joke where little honest exchanges and platforms could be seen. If the State runs the government like it sets out the rules for NYS debate, is there any wonder why we are suffering the ills of progressive liberalism? Personally, I like the combativeness of Carl Paladino and will support him this election. The alternative I view as a continuation of what we have experienced in the past with suggested change that goes nowhere but like a revolving door. Every four years it is just the same old cronyism. I say, “Lets give newcomers a chance.”

Regardless of how you look at New York politics, please be sure to VOTE on Tuesday, November 2nd.


4 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Snookered”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    As expected Carl Paladino lost to Andrew Cuomo and I promise you that I shall keep my eye on his agenda that he promised to bring to benefit and change the nature of state politics. We shall see. Don’t hold your breath. It has always been business as usual in Democratic hands. Thankfully we do have some conservative representatives to depend upon to keep the fires burning. Lt. Governor Duffy said he wanted to remain mayor and take control of the school system and pledged that he had no ambitions other than the mayorship so he could work out his plans. Obviously, he lied. And that doesn’t speak well of the Lt. Governor. Makes you wonder about Andrew. Is he a truth teller or just another political crony of State politics and Mr. Silver and company.

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