Kindred’s Special: New York Politics–A History of Corruption

Corrupt systems within governments exist because voters have the belief that no matter who is elected, nothing ever changes. When politicians are elected repeatedly based upon party affiliation of the voting block, blind obedience to party hacks by state citizens assure an atmosphere for skullduggery.  Our TV screens nightly expose the shortcomings of Chicago political favoritism and report on the evils of Illinois politics but we need to look no further than our own NY State political machine to honestly say that New York gives Illinois a run for top spot in graft and corrupt behavior.

Politicians get endorsements to run for office and win primaries on the basis of doing so to reform Albany. That cry has been like a worn shoe and the cobbler has tools to mend but mending one shoe still leaves it’s partner continuing to make the wearer lame and eventually lamer to the point that only drastic medical attention is necessary to stop the back pains and crippling the spirit. So, too, are the ideals and ideas expressed and promised simply fade from memory once they sit to do the State’s business.

Many important seats are up for grabs this year: Governor, Attorney General, the Assembly and Senate.  Perhaps most important but neglected by keeping the status quo within voting blocks are legitimate concerns for reforms which often get sidetracked and shelved.

We should be proud of our Empire State and demand that those elevated to rule and govern the State remember that they represent our families, towns, cities, and counties in all manner of governance and therefore must be held accountable for good and bad deeds.  Not sure how many years come and gone where a host of corruption heads up the agenda but news coverage of such evil acts by these actors that could adorn and rival on the stage of any Shakespearian drama.  A major part of the problem as I see it is a disfunctional news media who push their own agenda and favorite whims on us while purporting to keep us abreast of State problems, debatable topics and chastise those who disagree with the so-called “progressive movement.”

Lets face facts! Among the highest taxes, many have moved out of New York State, not only businesses but also individuals that make up our family tree who seek greener pastures. We have an over generous retirement system for State workers and public officials.  Our school systems rank both poor and good and sit like patchwork blankets where pockets of quality and lack thereof are inexcusable. This mixed with the scandals in the Governors who sat in the office the past half decade with defunct leaders like Spitzer, Johnson, Espada and Massa, all failing to help build trust. Still, the people blindly vote while holding their nose to keep out the stink for the same types of characters who dominate the scene for years.  One such dictator-type is Mr. Silver who some believe has been around government much too long and should fade into history.

As a chessplayer I find that instant gratification stimulates greed and corruption of both the body and the spirit.  We tend to favor activities that crave action where interest is stimulated. Perfect examples are the broad array of sporting events whether individual or team related. Politicians fit into this sphere.  Often times what is necessary and most rewarding are committee appointments that seem boring but often most beneficial.  Politicians who seek the limelight of public exposure receive their reward; those who handle the humdrum areas of government workings find reward in the daily activities of helping their constituents.

Adios for now!


3 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: New York Politics–A History of Corruption”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    I find those unwilling to debate issues prior to an election do not and will not deserve my vote ever. If that type individual gets the vote, then the people deserve what they reap. Unfortunately we have a news media that is biased toward the Democrat Party in New York State as well as nationally. Only through well run debates can voters face the candidates and weigh their words for themselves.

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