Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: What Is Wrong With New York State

WHAT IF A CONSERVATIVE UNKNOWN RAN FOR GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK STATE? Obviously there are no takers. Fact is you need $$.  A friend posed an interesting thought that he would play the role of interviewer and if I would accept the time to answer his questions and be the sunshine candidate.  Maybe sunshine is the right word because it sounded to me like I was sure to be baked in the lawnchair where I had determined to share some lemonade with my buddy and energize the D3 pill I took on orders from doc.  Anyway he suggested I put it on my blog as a lark. Oh-Oh-Oh and lol (lots of laughs). This is not the subject matter of any value I tried to rebut his argument but he said no harm trying. I also pointed out that I was a member of the New York Conservative Party and NYS was liberal and the heavily populated eastern portion of the state favored Democrat control.  Who would want the job of governor anyway.  Just look at the budget shortfall and career politicians who drink from the deep well.  My objections met with a blank stare and a determined rascal who refused to give way. So like any good politico which I am not I had to give in and sit in the hot seat which, by now, had warmed greatly in what appeared to be one of the hotest days of the summer. My texas sombrero and Hawaiian shortsleeve shirt and shorts were my only real protection from the sun rays.  All I could say was OKEDOKEE.

What would be your general policy if elected Governor? Ans. You have to understand that the governor has power but the greater power behind the king’s throne is Silver.  He is a thorn in any governor’s side as well as those of a conservative legislative leaning. He is largely responsible in my view of the state budget being sidetracked year-in-and-year out.  That is the crux of the economic and repeated shortfall for a balanced budget.  Spending outstrips incoming receipts. And there is no end to the elitest liberal rule that exists. It would be good to have limited terms for elective office as some have suggested but then that raises the question of losing quality leadership and legislative members of experience. That can be important in having a well run body. This thought would be remedied because most legislative personnel would be retained who do the nuts and bolts of everyday office work, many of whom deal with the public or legislative schedules. That is probably the thoughts I would have entering office. But at the moment I think a new elected governor must work closely with the outgoing governor so the transition takes place with the least  problems facing a new administration.  Management of state affairs and leadership by using the office to inject oversight of project planning and attaining the cooperation with leaders of both houses is paramount to success.  I would promote the idea of brainstorming at meetings to assure drawing out the best from the whole body involved. This would involve education, the business climate, promoting tourism, and building trust that our state will reverse the loss of population by promoting safety,  economic and environmental assets that our regional location offers. 

How would you handle the anger that exists in NYC between the muslims and residents? Ans. As I understand it the building will be both for religious services as well as open for a variety of activities but it troubles me why the site has remained undeveloped.  The city needs a structure for a recreation area where youth and adults alike can interact and various clubs can be housed there on a rent or lease basis. It would add to the attractiveness for city activity and tourism.  An olympic size swimming pool, track, physical training, meeting rooms, library, eateries would be possible ideas. What troubles me is what purpose has a muslim holy mosque that dictionary definition implies; but as I understand it also reminds me of a type of Y. Who is funding this project? Where is the money coming from to build it and who will maintain it? How does it affect the tax base due to it being a religious building? In my opinion the state cannot nor can the city afford to exempt it from much needed tax revenue.  A lot of objections exist as well support for such a project but knowing New Yorkers and workers, just building the structure could be undermined by union workers even if union bosses are okay with it. There definitely is a lot of anger out there and should there be any at all? Moving the site seems reasonably to meet the needs of both sides by defusing the obvious ranker, further distrust and outright possibility of hostile rebellion of voters. There are a lot of folks out there who have questions that are not being answered to their satisfaction nor mine. And the site will be a lasting and tragic memory, perhaps for generations.

How do you view New York State as a place to live, work and play? Ans. That is an easy one word answer. BALANCE.  New York State is blessed with millions of tree varieties, excellent roadways, travel routes, communities of various size and attractions. There are many interesting places to visit throughout the state. The largest park in the United States with beautiful lakes, trails, great fishing, and areas to meet the needs and interests for swimming, boating, skiing, hiking and bike trails and even mountain climbing. Numerous rest stops dot the state major routes.  New York City is one of the great attractions to visitors and workers alike. And don’t forget it has a great sports menu with championship quality professional teams as well as a host of amateur sport menus.  The state has just about everything one could desire. Much of our tax revenues go toward bussing and quality schools K-12, junior colleges and some of the finest universities.  Shopping centers and homes are well situated within relatively easy reach by car or transit.  Finally, I would say our relatively mild climate having Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter months with weather that is … oh, oh. That has got to end this interview chat because the sudden cloud formation and thunder coming in from the west along the lake front suggests we get inside. Yep, here it comes.  The rain should clear off the heat. (I won’t tell him that it will end in about 10-15 minutes I figure so I won’t go into any more of this make believe.) God, how would I, what would I ever do as a governor of New York, the greatest state in the UNION? But I have no illusions that anyone but a liberal will ever sit in the governor’s mansion. Ever?


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