Kindred’s Special: America’s Left-Wing Will Never Learn

TAKE A BOW LEFTIES!  You deserve it. How can a Conservative say this? Certainly not with a straight face but rather a wry smile.  You see, LEFTIES and PINKOS, I have history on my side! along with some pretty good reason to believe we exist in FREEDOM today despite the corney characters that too often made up our Congresses in the past. No change. No sir. The days of old with the first Congress and thereafter, bickering and self-interests motivated much that went on with only a handful of dedicated FREEDOM lovers to do battle and keep the LAND free of tyranny.  Thankfully the good Lord must have intervened as according to Herbert W. Armstrong, head of the Wide World Church of God, noted in his Bible study lessons that our Nation was blessed with righteous power that came from God so long as the people maintained that love of freedom and kept principles established in our U.S. Constitution, etc.  Regrettably Bobby Fischer swallowed the dictates of Garner Ted Armstrong for awhile before deciding the whole thing was a roast of sorts.  Financial misdeeds as perceived by Fischer led to his breaking with the group.

Putting all this history aside, the TRUTH WILL WIN OUT.  What we learn from this is that the message and not the messenger is the crux of the foundation upon which our beliefs are determined. If you want to be a Leftist, then it is your right. I am not going to kick the mascot political ass and say you are wrong (even though you know this is how I feel). But I don’t want retaliation of the same kind either. Just don’t kick the elephant because it gets real mad and unruly sometimes.

As my earlier writing about Reynolds and Mrs. Stevenson (Vera Menchik) being victims of the World War II axis enemy along with millions of folks who suffered uncertainties or death that included many in the chessworld, it must be wondered just what achievements these folks would have made in human contributions had they lived. But perhaps the very fact of human sacrifice to let freedom ring and tyranny be destroyed or least curbed, gave real peace and human advancement a chance.  I said before, in the end days the people would cry out, “Where are our leaders? Why has God foresaken us?” Perhaps the answer comes from Jesus, “The Father knew you before you were born.”  What a profound statement. No wonder they want to kill Jesus today and stamp out his followers.  Such a comment needs deep thought. Why? Because it tells us that God had a purpose in developing a human embryo and that potential human being would be destined to achieve God’s will and blessing.  To protect that child, God gave parents not to just give birth but also guidance and help in developing personality, qualities of good citizenship (remember Jesus said to give rulers their due (taxes) and build character upon which Satan would find hard to crack open.  God gave us freedom to determine our own goals and life and consequently Satan was likewise given a free hand. The Bible tells us so and also the FATE that will befall Satan in the end time.  Going back to the very question, that answer in my own opinion is that our potential leaders are being ABORTED.

My reflection upon chess as it pertains in likeness to Life itself is based largely upon the foundations of the two that mirror each other so closely. Call me a KOOK if you want and I know many probably find my square count theory weird and the individual power of the pieces as they relate to each other spoken of earlier in my lessons as being a new look as book authors write it up differently and with different perspective. I simply base my theories on observation mostly and how my own game play helped determine a faith in my system.  But I also wonder that with the breakup of the USSR and of communism being exposed for its own shortfall of socialist hope as witnessed by many who fled the former USSR and other countries who embrace the socialist ideal that fosters power to the State instead of the people.  No system is perfect because they are all based upon the human psychic and the human nature is such that goodness and evil live together and often embrace each other. The more powerful leaders become, the more they portray honor to the masses but secretly are like wolves licking their chops in a flock of sheep.

On the chessboard, the rules are clear and depend upon both standard and new variants of chess games that exist or can be made up. If the rules are not followed or cheating is discovered, such games become disfunctional.  Life is like that. Those in political positions can destroy the confidence and respect of government by the governed.  Length of service, goodwill through the years, catering to interest groups often lead to conditions that reflect poorly on the character makeup of the representative.  It is forgotten or misunderstood that special interest groups often are the only way government leaders get exposed to the needs of various groups. Often, of course, those interests can be a benefit or a curse to the voting public, and undercut the effectiveness of leadership that often gives in to Satan’s con game of soul snatching.  Lose your Soul and you lose Heaven and God’s blessing.  That is kind of a bad bargain when you sell your Soul for such a cheap price.

A good work ethic and a belief foundation that governs your personal behavior to ego, family, business and social relationships helps toward a productive and successful life goal of peace within yourself.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and thanks for our strength and guidance in world affairs to keep the world safer and keep evil at bay.


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