KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope Summer Entertainment Message

NEW YORK STATE governance is in poor health. Personally I think our Governor Patterson is doing a good job, a tough job, one that is unpopular because of the years of pushing the trash under the rug so-to-speak. No one who works wants to give up anything gained over the years when things were more prosperous. These very same people are likely the ones who ROOKED US royally. Sure, the workers want decent pay but if one examines the pay scale of these folks who are employed in state or local government, the overly generous retirement plan and savings plans offered, it surpasses the actual value of many in the workforce.  The cries go out repeatedly especially in the education field.  Facts speak louder than words and there are school districts where students excel or at least are what one could call reasonably educated. But the dirty little secret is that many fall by the wayside of getting or even trying to obtain the best from the education available to them. They blame society, they blame the teacher; they blame the school location; they blame this and that. History teaches us that great men and women came out of one-room or overcrowded schoolrooms that had one teacher, a principal who would sit in on surprise visits to gage the progress and reliability of teaching methods used;  results that did not hold back students whose desire it was to achieve success in a chosen work environment usually bore fruit.  School is easy for some, tougher for others.

New York State is the Empire State. It has a rich history and a landscape that should be attractive to all who live, work and play within its boundaries. But I would like to suggest that New York City is not the mecca of the State. And I would venture to add that most problems we face were brought about by unwise decisions of lawmakers, judges, and the parasites who often flock around and ride the coat tails of politicos from all stripes.  What do I mean about NYC not being the principal attraction potential of our great state? Just this: Across the expanse of our great state exists many attractions ranging for good joyful living to a host of supportive menus that include museums, science and nature centers, parks, fairs, community programs, all levels of good educational opportunities, excellent travel routes, beautiful lakes and recreation for every interest.

Want to visit our State of New York? Look beyond New York City and come to view and partake of riches in food, lodging, recreation,lakes, canal, parks and trails. There was the old saying: Go West Young Man. That could be said of visitors and residents of our Empire State. A state full of history, importance, of commerce and education. For all across the state exists cities and towns that have much to offer the traveler on business or holiday. Famous photo spots are Potsdam, the Thousand Islands and Old Forge, the latter offers a grand boat trip and railroad tour. And being a chess site, I am likewise thinking of the opportunities that exist to play.  From Buffalo, Rochester, Watertown, Auburn, Syracuse, Ithaca, Utica and Albany, chessic opportunities have or have had a past where chess battles were waged on the 64-squares. Indeed, it is alive with opportunities.

A very beautiful countryside ride from Geneva, NY to Watkins Glen, home of the famous auto races, take in the breadth of many local wineries where you may partake in taste and bring home a gift for self, family or friends. The route goes along the westside of Seneca Lake. You can continue to travel and find the quaint and warm city of Corning, NY, home of the famous Corning Glass Works. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to view the making of glass and get a brief on the history of glass making. Of course the store has available many beautiful pieces of art that just may catch your eye as an enhancement to your decor.  Should you desire to hit the trail for Rochester, NY, you will find it the home the famous Eastman Theatre, the Eastman House, the science and art museums–all within a short trip down East Avenue. Several colleges and universities adorn the landscape.  Ithaca, NY is the home of the famous Cornell University and Ithaca College, but also nearby beautiful landscape parks and gorgeous waterfalls. The swimming area at Lower Infield is one any photographer would love between dips. It has springboards and waterfall that would be the envy of many across America. Above the city you can find Taughannock State Park and view it’s great waterfall. You just got to consider Batavia, NY if you are a horse lover. The selky races and famous candy making sweet shop make Batavia a memborable visit. Going further west, you come to Buffalo, NY, home of both professional football and hockey teams.  It was also the home of former President Filmore where you find a host of early Americana and men and women who helped make America the land it is. The world famous Niagara Falls is near at hand and the bridge to Canada is an added attraction to journey for a visit to our northern neighbor. Interested in a canoe trip? The Erie Canal or Barge Canal offer sightseeing trips and if a boatman, you can rent a canoe and paddle to your heart’s content.

So you see why I say New York City is not the mecca of the Empire State. Perhaps it ought to be an entity of it’s own statehood because the city and most of New York State really have different agendas and needs. However, NYC is a great state attraction and lure many from around the country and the world to visit. That, of course, and the home of professional sports make it a great visit and a place for artists, actors, and many other professions as a home to thrive within.


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