Kindred’s Special: Gone With the Wind–Plans Go Awry

FOR THREE YEARS the plans to develop wind energy farms in Wayne County, New York saw the towns of Huron,Wolcott, Butler, Sodus, Rose, and Galen sharing the enthusiasm of GREEN HOPE environmentalists was the vision of Empire Wind Energy LLC. Backed by Paychex founder and billionaire Tom Golisano, promised upfront money and calling it a “win-win” for municipalities who jumped aboard. Unfortunately, the fine print hidden in all the contractual ‘ howevers and buts’  left a sour note in the demise of the grand ole scheme of things. It was not clear who would pay for this or that as the timeframe continued. In the end, it costs each town dollars wasted in the research and development of plans that got presented as a wunderbar (excuse my German).

Empire Wind Energy LLC President and Chief Operating Officer Keith Pitman advised that projects were out of wind zones and not economical feasible and would not happen. There was not enough return economically to pay for the grid. At the same time it was learned that the Alfred, NY project was dead in the sand.

Perhaps it goes back to my old saying about Al Gore’s ah, let me see, what was it called and name changes do not purify the deceit and bad science. OH YES, I REMEMBER NOW–FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!

Now folks, this is one small area that met a plan with enthusiasm based upon the hype of the times only to find the hopes and greedy dreams of those involved like that of waves on a sea  to be dashed upon the rocks.

In chess, like Life, we require plans and analysis to meet our intended goal.  Positive and negative vibes are always met along the path to achieve a just end. How well we negotiate the turns and curves along the road toward success and staying on course like a stubborn mule can be maddening sometimes. Yet there is a definite difference between a chess game and a game of political gamesmanship–one tickles the ego, the other costs dearly at times and can reflect the despair upon a whole community.


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