Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: The Growing Folly in USCF and Chess

During the 1950s the US Chess Federation had a small membership until it started the magazine CHESS LIFE and some of its young stars like William Lombardy, Larry Evans, the Bryne brothers, Donald and Robert, Abe Turner, came on the scene to bolster the greats of the past and living legends of Fine, Horowitz, Marshall, Reshevsky, Kashdan, Santasiere, etc. Despite the low number and a phony Life Membership plan pushed by Col. Ed Edmondson to raise fast cash in the ridiculous price of $100 for which I was chastised for questioning as being sorley inadequate for a longterm lifespan. After all the USCF had hired a marketing firm to tell us what was a decent plan. Their calculation was that people would not have any interest for chess beyond a 10-year period. Lots of money doled out to reach such a conclusion was the beginning of a board and executive dreamworld that led to multi-years of losses and it continues even today with only bailouts by rich folks but as Sam Sloan says, how long will bailouts be forthcoming from members or supporters? And some of the decisions made the last couple years has caused many to consider dropping out. As a Life Member, I cannot seem to get any response from their headquarters but will try to telephone them at their number 800-903-8723. Will they respond to tonight’s e-mail?

2 Responses to “Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: The Growing Folly in USCF and Chess”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    I called USCF at the above phone number and the staff member was very helpful and responsive, giving me the name of Phil Smith who answered my questions and by following instructions have the matter completely resolved!! Good going USCF Staff!!

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