Kindred’s Special: Islamic Extremism

THE NEWS ON FOX CABLE TV I just happened to witness as it began airing the events at Fort Hood on November 5th and of course the following day my newspaper Democrat and Chronicle had glaring headlines: “Soldier kills 12 at Fort Hood” with even more glaring headline reading “TROUBLING SIGNS IGNORED.”

Personally I never heard the name Nidal Malik Hasan before but he had a blog on the internet and was a devout Muslim holding the rank of Major in the US Army as a psychitrist. Apparently he wanted to be excused from a tour pending to Afghanistan as he was against the wars taking place in the Middle East and those who shared his Islamic faith. His failed attempt to find a favorable resolution inflamed his emotion to a state of insanity and led to the horrific event on November 5th. Such a tragedy that could have been avoided.

Major Hasan is a mental case; he is a murderer. Still, most likely we shall find exhibited in the press and liberal news that it was the Army that indirectly caused this tragedy to occur. But is it?

The thought occurred to me that no other religion seems bent on killing indiscriminately like the followers of Islam. No other religion goes so far as to threaten the life of anyone who speaks ill of the Koran where some of it’s text encourages “death to infidels.” But it is deeper than that. When innocent folks go out to vote are threatened with having their fingers cut off, when children are threatened with death by family members for choosing to disobey Islamic life or join another faith, when women are persecuted, enslaved and forced to subject themselves to their husbands wills, when suicide bombers are promised many virgins when they go to Heaven, when decent law abiding muslims fail to speak out and condemn such barbaric and ancient customs, then the whole of the Islamic tradition and faith are put under a magnifying glass and examined for it’s value system and it’s purverse belief.

The Islamic religion is strong and widely followed throughout the world body. Devout muslims practice their faith with deep feeling and gratitude in following Allah. But just as many seem to have no qualms concerning murder because of false excuses that they are living up to their religious upbringing. This does not wash. This should not wash in true Islam. It seems like the Islamic Faith has been hijacked by radical nuts and has the quiet neutrality of those who abhor such slaughter of innocents across the world in the guise of suicide bombers–many viewed as having halo rings over their heads–by rational followers. None of this speaks well of the Faith at large.

As a chessplayer, I view the picture that is painted by society and it smells largely at times like BO.  Societies can be good, bad, indifferent or just plain bad. Often times it is just a mix of all of them together where elements tend to muddy the waters of it as a whole.

Historically speaking, all religions possess flaws due mostly in part to the membership body. In general I would hope that each and every one would make the effort to grow in their own faith and practice those qualities that make and keep their religious beliefs true and strong. None have a monopoly on the right path except Jesus who the Bible quotes: No one comes to the Father but by me. Whether you hold this belief as true or not does not give anyone the right to criticize others’ beliefs nor give those who call it balony the often seen chastisement towards Christians.

I am reminded of the story about the Atheist who panned and panned religion as a whole. When he died, few cared or attended the wake. When his tombstone was selected by the family, the stone cutter was told to write on the tombstone this phrase: HERE LIES A TRUE ATHEIST, ALL DRESSED UP WITH NO PLACE TO GO BUT DOWN IN THE GROUND.

Truth?  Fiction? It was the atheist’s belief that the grave ended it all.

Now, a fellow friend of his was an Agnostic. He was a fence sitter and felt he should indeed be a believer just in case. He died and was buried. His spirit soared to the Heavens where he came to the Pearlie Gate and found St. Peter with his book open. “I’ve lived a good Christian life and look forward to Heavenly Peace and Joy.” St. Peter gave him a stern look and pointed his finger at a blank page and replied, “Your name is not in the Book of Life.”

For each of us, life can either be a bowl of cherries or otherwise–the pits. We go to bed at night, rise in the morning, enjoy family, go to work, come home, enjoy the day’s events, some fun time, and then it is off to bed again to be repeated. The values we get from life are finding relationships with others in various formats. If life is so strifle, who made it so? If a glass is half full, do you consider it half full or half empty.

We are living in very dangerous times with a lackluster leadership in Congress and the Presidency that spells peril to our National interests and world position of influence. Some of the appointments made seem more like a lunatic run rampant rather than good statesmanship. As an earlier column I wrote says: BO smells. Corruption Chicago-style seems what the American youth voted for but did they expect this form of change? I leave you with this thought: Be careful what you wish and vote for because you just may get it: THE PIED PIPER OF AMERICA.

Adios for now!


10 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Islamic Extremism”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Looks like my column hit the nose as to what the media would dish out to the public at large. Too bad the folks don’t read me.

  2. kindredspiritks Says:

    Here is the late news followup for this column article. Apparently the key source of investigation seems to prove intentional TERRORISM by Major Hasan. This adds fuel to my article that Islamic extremism runs rampant throughout the world and very much exists in our own country, the good old USA. The devil is in the pie because the world must DEMAND from decent law abiding muslims especially home grown in America, a forceful voice of condemnation of such acts. How decent muslims can put up with the highjacking of their religion by fanatics is shocking to any normal human being.

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