Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Halloween Haunts and Ghostly Sightings

Believe it or not, Rochesterians have through the years been subjected to strange goings-on with playful ghostly visits all over Rochester, N.Y. There seems to be more truth than fiction or fairytales to such stories by eyewitnesses that claim to have encounters with the other world.

There are a number of such sites around the city area that have caused a bit of shiver up and down the spine of those who venture out to any number of locations known to be inhabited by visits from the ghostly world.

One such place is the old House of Pain in the Eastman Dental Dispensary located on East Main Street. According to Ralph Esposito who runs the Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks with Jennifer Oneske and Western New York Paranormal, their combined stories get larger each year as more and more data from area residents who experience personal contact and sightings enabled Mr. Esposito to compile in a book, Ghosts of Genesee Country.

Rochester’s rich history from its founding by Nathaniel Rochester with its many locations that ghosts most likely favor is an ideal spot for ghost hunters to frequent. From the Reunion Inn and old mansion on East Avenue to Mt. Hope Cemetery and a former downtown hotel, hunters spin their tales of spiritual visitations where you just might find a friendly “hello” and that visually drifts away into the night. Such reports are sometimes recorded by caretakers. In one such case, two guards locked up the cemetery gates and saw a young girl sitting inside so they opened up the gate and approached her. She was sitting on the side of the road of the Susan B. Anthony section. They stopped and asked her name. She told them and one guard said he would get a blanket and wanted to call her parents and take her home. When he came back, she got up and ran off into the cemetery. The guards chased after her and one tripped over an old tombstone. On the tombstone was the name the girl had given them. They claim to still see her occasionally but no longer bother to approach her.

Even stranger is the story of a girl who wandered into the cemetery and got lost, unable to locate the entrance. Suddenly she saw ahead a jogger who she ran after and suddenly he just faded and vanished but there in front of her was the entrance she was unable to find. Later on, thinking about it, she remembered his outfit was outdated and from an earlier era of dress.

But to top that, the case of the husband whose wife discovered a girl’s underclothes in the laundry basket that brought a harsh questioning for which there was no answer. The husband was perplexed how those garments got there. It was found that a mischievous young lady, the daughter of the original owners, had been murdered in the house years before and her ghost continued to play jokes and pranks on the occupants to this day.

The full story can be seen in the Democrat and Chronicle for Saturday, October 31st. Just be glad it was not Friday, the 13th!!!

If all this doesn’t raise the hair just a bit, review my columns where I wrote a short story of meeting a ghost in a visit to a chess club I called: A Christmas Ghostly Tale.

Our 1825 house may hold its own secrets, ghostly visitors who appear and disappear especially on foggy and cold nights. We get a variety of strange noises and voices that are carried through the tree limbs by the winds with knocks on the door and turning on the light finds only an empty porch. Ghosts?  Goblins? Shucks, I do not know. But occasionally I get the feeling that someone is in my study where I type my articles. Is the ghost giving me pointers and encouragement? Is he or she trying to give my mind a free rein that runs through the history of chess–maybe one of the early giants of the board or just maybe someone like Bobby Fischer with whom I’d crossed swords or one of the youngsters from the past.

The ghostly adventures of Halloween seems to be a time when such fever is at a high. Enjoy the moment!

This would be an ideal time for families and communities to come together and share the good things that make life worth living–creative dress, good food, sweets, and games to enjoy together.

Adios, for now!! and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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