Kindred’s Special: From the Pen to Technology

Gone is the time when I was a kid who got high marks for good penmanship in school. That was a time when manual typewriters not only was to tool used in our typing class, but it was the tool used in homes, by secretaries and the typing pool , by journalists, reporters, and the Western Union.

Thinking back to those good old days that were not so good except that there was a sort of peaceful harmony generally in the families that filled our communities, towns, cities and states across this broad land called America, it is hard to believe that much was accomplished in the 19th and 20th centuries by the imagination and creativity of folks who were ever exploring for ways to improve the lot of mankind and a better world for future generations. It was more often than not that it rested with creative thinkers either individually or in small cadres of believers who saw the potential for making the seemingly impossible become functional and needed to meet demands of a growing population. The inventive minds of these pioneers led to advancements in manufacturing, in techniques that saved time and work in production costs, and covered a host of areas that has emerged in our own time.

Perhaps the greatest achievement was the development of technologies that even today sometimes become obsolete due to improvements, new ideas, old ideas given new birth by reevaluating needs with new approaches to their possibilities.  Such is the state of current times.

What technologies have appeared to revolutionize the broad spectrum of our lives? There is virtually no area not touched with vast improvements:

  • Due to the internet, a whole variety of games are now played on the internet. Lessons to improve skill abound on many websites. Modern systems for publishing literature has made available to writers and authors a wide-range of opportunities to benefit each and those who read and study the materials hone skills to master many of the subjects. These, in turn, enhance the quality of an expanded body of participants at every level where the chance to create ‘gems’ come with every contest.
  • Computer technology has streamlined much of the work done previously by manual labor to a denser and more appliable and beneficial use of the workforce and more efficient controls.
  • TV sets no longer have rabbit-ears but have been replaced by satelite technology and cable.
  • Communications via telephones have been replaced by electronic devices that bring clearer the voices into the room of the listener. Tiny cell phones and IPods make the world ever nearer regardless of travel or location.
  • Sports arenas are outfitted with huge electronic demo boards that give fans increased joy in attending events held in them.
  • Airlines provide greater safety and travel opportunities with modern seating and electronic wonders. A passport will enable anyone to travel world-wide.
  • Financially you can live on a credit or debit card with accummulated expenses itemized and stored at financial institutions for any needed history review. Bill paying can also be a feature of a financial institution done electronically and at the request of the cardholder. Financial records can be viewed at one’s leisure.
  • Improvements in a host of sports have aided the practitioners with high tech advances in design, quality materials, and sources and opportunities to partake. Most noteably here are advancements in golf clubs, golf balls, golf courses; in tennis the old rackets have been replaced by new designed rackets, balls, and both have been made more competitive and sportfan friendly by the high quality TV screens in use today.
  • A whole new field has opened for experienced coaches for beginners and experienced players alike.
  • Everyday home and work place environment has seen vast additions and or improvements both in and beyond our surroundings.

For we who enjoy the game of chess, the opportunities and quality that exists today is unrivaled through time. From the quality of sets, boards, clocks and other innovations to aid the tournament players, the organizers, the tournament officials and availability of news coverage through magazines, videos, the internet, newspapers and TV, and richer prize funds partly through corporate sponsors and individual donations or entry fees, have enriched not only the knowledge of the game but also the opportunities associated with modern technology.

Adios for now!

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