KindredSpirit’s Special: Columbus Day Remembrance

COLUMBUS DAY is long remembered by me because we did not have school but mostly because we had a chance to remember the valiant Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus who set sail with ships from the good grace of Spanish royalty to find a short route to China for trade. As all things usually happen, the purpose was honorable but flawed because his adventure led to discovery of the West Indies and subsequently the whole of both North and South America which fell into the lap of Spain’s rule and overpowering the Indian tribes who ruled those lands before the white man came. Only the exploration by the French and English prevented their total domination of two continents.

Columbus discovered the new world and proved that no one would fall off the world and die as was a belief by many seamen; it was to fall to the Spanish however to try and conquor rather than trade in peace as did Columbus’ dealing with the natives. The main cause of such deceit by the Spanish was the discovery of huge gold reserves–GREED, CONQUEST AND THE DESIRE TO FILL THE COFFERS OF THE SPANISH TREASURY.  Spanish troops were heavily armed with swords, cannon, muskets and gun powder. Their use of horses made invasion into the countryside much easier.

The rest is history. Eventually the Spanish conquors lost territories gained in North America by the U.S. government and rush to form settlements and their own breed of explorers into unknown Indian territories. The result of wars with the Spanish led to the expulsion from the northern continent altogether. Still, the once presence of the Spanish left a rich heritage to the development of the western regions.

Spain’s contribution to the development of South America and influences in North America provide a rich history and customs including the language of Spanish as a popular second language in many school systems. Would it all have been possible without the determination of Christopher Columbus who, in 1492, set sail into the unknown?

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