Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Losing comes in the guise of the final goof!

Not all my games are pretty, error-free or really all that interesting but sometimes when you meet an opponent who has certain pre-determined values about the bishop-pair, you just got to bite the bullet and try to use it as a ploy to winning at the very possible cost of losing. In this game I saw my opponent’s face light up when I played my 6th move.

1960 Rochester Chess Club Tournament

White: Don Reithel  vs  Black: Russ Prizzi

1.e4  e5  2.Nf3 Nc6  3.Bb5  a6  4.Ba4  Bc5 5.c3  Nf6  Here I just wanted to get away from book and try to go my own way, not always a good idea.

6.Bxc6  bxc6  7.Nxe5  Qe7  8.d4  d6  9.Nxc6  Qxe4+ 10.Qe2  Qxe2+ 11.Kxe2  Bb6  12.Nb4  c5  13.Nc2  O-O  14.f3  Bf5  15.Ne3  Rfe8  16.Kd1  Bg6  17.Nc4  Bc7  18.Be3  Bd3  19.Nba3  Nd7  20.Kd2 Bg6 He loves his bishops and I was beginning to wonder if I could survive all this.

21.dxc5  dxc5  22.Rad1  a5  23.Kc1  Ne5  24.Nxe5 Rxe5  25.Bf4  Re7  26.Bxc7  Rxc7  27.Rhe1  a4  28.Nb5  Rb7  29.c4  f6  30.Rd5  Bf7 Just as I surmised; a love affair with the two-Bishops.

31.Rxc5  Rab8  32.b3  axb3  33.axb3  Kf8 34.Kc2  g6  35.Rd1  Bg6+ 36.Kc1  Rdb7  37.Rd6  Be8  38.Nd4  Kf7  39.Kc2  g6 40.g4  h6  41.Ra5  Rd7  42.Rxd7+  Bxd7  43.Ra7  Ke8  44.c5  f5  45.gxf5  gxf5  46.Kc3  Bb5  47.Nxb5  Rxb5  48.Kc4  Rb8  49.c6  Rb6  50.Kc5 Rxb3 We made the time-control.

51.Kd6  Rd3+  52.Kc7  Rb3  53.Kc8  Rxf3  54.c7  Rc3  55.Kb8  Rb3+ 56.Rb7  Rc3  57.c8(Q)+ Rxc8 58.Kxc8  f4  59.Rh7  Kf8  60.Rxh6  Kg7 61.Rh4 Resigns.

A good way to show your friends the score and say you lasted 61 moves!

This is the only tournament game I played with Russ although we played a number of off-hand skittles and the games as I recall were alway interesting battles. In general he is a tough customer!

Adios for now!

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