Kindred’s Special: Jenifer Woods Memorial Grand Prix

The Rochester Chess Center located at 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610, tel. (585) 442-2430, announces a very lively clock time control of G/60 for rounds 1-2, and G/90 for rounds 3-4. This four round tournament has 10 grand prix points to entice the avid chess fan.

New to the Rochester, Genesee, Finger Lakes Region?? The Rochester Chess Center is ably operated by the Lohrmans with a track record of holding  tournaments, matches, scholastic chess lessons and a solid membership having a mix of talents to welcome newcomers and returnees to the world of chess competition.

This is a USCF-rated tournament with 10 Grand Prix points up for grabs.  Entry fee is $30 with registration at 8:30-9:15 a.m. on October 10th 2009. For questions and advance entries, contact the RCC at the above.

Excellent chess instruction available for students with sessions held both at the RCC and at various middle schools who have chess programs going.

What do you get for the $30 entry fee?  For starters, a great place to play chess at the Rochester Chess Center, the opportunity to battle for Grand Prix points (10) and a nice prize fund as follows:

Prize places:  $150, $90, $60.  Class prize $80.

Interested in supporting the local chess scene? Getting your feet wet for the first time since learning to play seems daunting but an experience you will find stimulating.


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