KindredSpirit’s Special: Obamamania– phony baloney

Good Lord!  Another crisis. What I am talking about is the phony baloney of a cop doing his job in answer to a 911 call about a burglary. A thought comes to mind that maybe this was a staged performance by the BO team to take some of the heat out of the kitchen while trying to use the occasion to call up that old cliche BLACKMANIA INSULTS. Just maybe it backfired if you read this and turn on your dumb thinking caps for a change! If you sense a bit of humor in this essay, then you know my disposition to tweak the nose of those who are unabashably corrupt to the core.

Look. Examine the situation. Obama is reported to go on TV to address the issue of healthcare reform. He did a lousy job at that and in answer to a reporter’s query concerning the “police brutality” of arresting a loud mouth while checking into a reported burglary taking place at the residence of Obama’s good friend who also unexplainable was nasty to the poor cop just performing his duty brought national attention with his quip that the cop used poor judgment. How does he know the cop used poor judgment or even the results of his investigation into the burglary. Best he kept his mouth shut with just “NO COMMENT”. Facts were not known but a long dissertation into explaining his understanding of the situation seemed phony to me. Did it seem phony to you?

That brings to mind the story that David Bronstein once told about how to confuse the opponent by pretending to doze between moves  in hopes of throwing his opponent off guard.  This is a classic example of such skullduggery. Now if  B.O. was not a product of Chicago politics long known to be corrupt from the bootlegger days, it might be understood to just call it inexperience of a state senator who was elected to run the whole country like a dictator with the blessings of the sheep who the Pied Piper cultivated with his magical smile and propaganda. But there is a bit of larceny under this old man’s hat that suggests the whole episode was planned out for reasons I noted.

ACORN of course is another matter. That organization seems to be made up of two or more departments of its body to bring confusion and hide the criminal element and very serious voter frauds that took place as I read and listen to smarter people than I am with apparently the compliance of a willing news media that is fast proving itself to be utterly useless. One might recall the famous put down of Dan Quayle by his opponent: “I knew Jack Kennedy, Dan, and you ain’t no Jack Kennedy.” With the death of our great newsmen through the years, collectively I wonder what they would think about the junk pile we have to witness today who cannot fill the shoes of even the least of them.

God Bless America! Land of the FREE!!! Stand beside her, and guide her, through the trials of Socialist Disease. Hail o’mighty freemen and free women who set forth the national “tea party” cadence to let the weak knee Congress feel the wrath of citizens and voters upcoming in 2010. The old saying still holds true: “Throw the Bums OUT!” (Before it is too late).

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