Kindred’s Special: Weather Folly

Don’t say I did not warn you about conditions that begin to emerge as the mini ice age I predicted begins to unfold. As a chess player, I see ahead with both fact, history, and intuitive feeling. Also, I have, as a human being, the intelligence to know when the climate is cooling–at least it is around my abode.

What prompts me to report on this again is an article in the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper about the farms that are suffering from the heavy downpours experienced this month–a normally rather quiet time with warm and relatively dry weather that is ideal for planting and developing crops following spring rains. As I mentioned in my Global Warning essay, there will be an unusual altering of weather with more rain and flooding that our recent weather conditions have verified. It would consequently be damaging to our farming industry and loss of food supplies we need to help feed both America and the world nations as a whole.

Yes, you can imagine a few put downs by people calling me a blockhead for dismissing Gore’s computer estimates that we are into Global Warming trends now and what causes man contributed to it. Let me say that CO2, as I remember from chemistry class and excellent instructor, is a gas taken in by the millions, if not billions of trees and other greens which is turned into Oxygen which sustains all life forms. I imagine I have been called a few other things too!  Of course I reside in New York State which has an abundance of lakes, rivers, forests, and tree-lined city streets as well as country roads. Thankfully I have fresh air to breathe with no smog to endure like occurs in California.

Years ago a scientist noted that California should never be developed due to the terrain conditions that he predicted would trap the carbon  emitted by commercial developments and modern city planning.  He was systematically laughed out of existence by the so-called elite politicians, one of whom was on the radio show that featured the effects and what causes them in various regions on the quality of life. He predicted the smog, etc. that his words for decades have proved so true.

What I see in comparison with chess strategy that is the basis of my writings–to establish some relationship to life that the great writers and exponents from the past penned: ” Chess is like Life itself !”  To illustrate this, I present the following game that shows what happens when one follows the themes of principles that are hard to break but for those with imagination and creative thought lay aside the collective beliefs that such booked up principles must always be right. NOT SO!!

White: V. Tregubov   vs  Black: M. Belov

St. Petersburg 2002,  French Exchange Variation

1.e4  e6  2.Nf3  d5  3.exd5  exd5  4.d4  Nf6  5.Be2

David Bronstein said of an old Russian trick was to pretend to be half asleep to bring on carelessness by the opponent.  In other words, you can see here the zealousness of Gore’s blindly accepting the dictates of his environmental feeders that fed the computer with only data they wanted added while ignoring this and that which might cause the computer to burp too often.

Note that White enjoys the benefit of a symmetrical position where he has added Be2 with Black to play.

5. …. Bd6  6.O-O  O-O  7.Bg5

A pure Kindred’s ‘ square count move ‘ pressuring the enemy position causing Black to decide to chase the Bishop but loosening the pawn structure on the King-side.

7. …. h6  8.Bh4  Bf5

This good-looking move seems logical but what is the rush when a more prudent reply would have been to play …Re8 to stop the Knight sortie to e5.  In reality, it is the beginning of carelessness and desire to boost his aggressive intentions.

9.Ne5  g5 ?!  10.Bg3  Ne4  11.Nd2  Nxg3  12.fxg3!?

Hey! Did not the greats say you should capture toward the center? So, that case scenario would indicate hxg3. Oh, how Black must have cherished this thought!  Ah, the computer program would certainly tip his hat with his own trick to find an isolani with his next turn.

12. ….Bxe5  13.dxe5  Bh7  14.Bd3!

Another ‘ sqct’ theme which challenges the only defensive piece in Black’s camp while unleashing the power of the Queen along the d-h5 diagonal.  Black suddenly finds himself the sad bearer of being tricked, forcing him to exchange due to the threat of 15.Bxh7+ Kxh7 16.Qh5 followed by Rf6.

14. …. Bxd3  15.cxd3  Qe7

This move reminds me of wind turbines giving us green power–too little, too late.  No good is 15…Nc6 16.Qh5  Nxe5 17.Qxh6 that is hard to swallow but even worse would be 16…Kg7 17.Rf6.

Emmanuel Lasker said that the first object of a King hunt is to create strong points into the enemy camp where usually the major units of Rook and Queen can muster dire threats.

16.Rf6  Qxe5  17.Rxh6  Nd7

Time is a big element in chess. Likewise, do we have time to putter around with wind turbines to meet expanding electrical needs and what of the enormous cost? Nuclear power plants are needed; oil is needed; and this could be supplemented by green policies. But greenies will not suffice to meet the world needs for energy.

18.Qh5  Rae8

There is no time to bring the Knight to the defense of the King.  Kasparov has demonstrated along with numerous other chess elites that one should bring to the battle as many pieces as possible.

19.Nf3  Qxb2

With this capture, Black hopes he might be able to find a winning endgame if the White forces foul up the attack.  So, should White capture the g-pawn giving Check?


No, because on 20.Qxg5+ Qg7 kills the attack.

20. …. Qg7  21.Nxg5  Re5

Defending with 21…Re7 is better but still no good because of 22.h4!  Ne5 23.Nh7! wins. So, 22…c5 23.Rh7 Qe5  24.Kh2! threatening to let loose the Knight to take on f7 if 24…Qd4. After something like 24…c4  25.Re1!!  and we witness an “over-worked piece” described in various books.  The text loses in pretty fashion.


What a shot and it points out the fallacy that Black had a winning position possible without this resource. Of mice and men, let the creative juices flow forth to honor the conqueror. Here we have a square guarded 3-times, yet the axe falls thus…

22. …. Rxf7  23.Rh8+! Qxh8 24.Qxf7 mate.

Checkmates equal elimination of squares the attacked King can move to. So, if you find any such situation applying itself to this rule, then you have the potential of uncovering such elegant moves yourself!

For me to suffer through the whims of Al Gore being some sort of savior of the Earth, I simply point out that flaws on the chessboard cannot be covered up with cheap and shallow forms of using theories that are often exposed to Folly.


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