KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: So You Hated George W. Bush?

Human Events has just reported that Attorney General Eric Holder has dismissed charges against the American Black Panther Party of voter intimidation. Well, just add that one to the ACORN scandals, the appointments to the cabinet of folks who just don’t seem to remember to pay their income taxes. And most recently the latest scandal about the auto bailout that proved to be a payback to the UAW due to their enrichment to the coffers of the Democrat Party. One might assume of course that all is fair in love and politics. But Obama’s latest wrinkle of deception comes in the form of cuts to America’s security.  And if that is not enough to raise your wonderment about the honest Congress Ms. Pelosi bragged about when taking charge as the first woman boss of the House, the USPD has raised rates aimed at conservative news outlets like HUMAN EVENTS so high that the organ is threatened out of existence. Tom S. Winter has a special insert actually begging readers and supporters of this excellent Washingtonian organ to cough up big donations to meet the huge increase cost. I figure it is just another way to kill off responsible Conservative Opinion, Conservative Fact-Finding Reports and just how the Congress votes on issues of citizen concern.

As a chessplayer and one who advocates that both the general public and especially those who have inquisitive minds and independent thought aside of political leanings or otherwise, take the time to learn about chess history, learn to play the game and be part of the history of American chess players like Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Bogart, Marcel DuChamp, Benjamin Franklin, and a guy nobody thinks about (Me) not to mention Morphy, Pillsbury, Franklin K. Young, and many military guys who used chess to entertain themselves and keep from going crazy in German or Japanese prison camps during WWII. They crafted sets and boards with great imagination since neither German nor Japanese hospitality ever equalled that of the Americans.

Frankly I do not care about Waterboarding Documents. It worked and by no stretch of the imagination is it as horrifiable injustice like that used by Islamic fighters who cut the heads off their captors and slaughter innocent folks of that faith with bombings–the latest killed 61 at a market in Iraq. How lovely is this peace loving religion!!  It has a long way to go to equal the greatness of Christianity, Judism, Buddism, various Indian sects, and even that of the American Indian Tribes in North and South America.  Simply put, you do not see any other religion but Islam that murders its own people or puts death notices out on anyone who exposes their insane temperment and 7th Century values. The good muslim populations need to kick butt whereever these insane nuts can be found.  Clean up your mess!  Islam is a great religion but the greatness of the Arabs and other Middle Eastern peoples of all faiths, once the envy of the whole world for its many useful developments in science, art and architecture was put on the backburners of history.

The Congress is filled with insane members who believe in the use of windmills to save America. Well, according to Human Events study and reporting, it would take 270 square miles filled with wind turbines to generate what just one nuclear power plant would and require less than a square mile of territory.  Our needs for energy would require about 100 nuclear power plants in the next 20 years to meet our energy needs. Maybe you want to live in a tent? How about sending your kids out to find some wood to burn so the family can eat hot food? or warm the house? Remember, coal is out of the language of the new green platform of usable resources. How about putting a bike peddling system in small cars or go back to the horse and buggy days of old? Realistic planning isn”t it!!

Well, I got news for you. Wind turbine advocates do not take into account the migration of birdlife. I would rather surmise that the birds would not care too much for wind turbines. Consequently, their migrating patterns may change drastically and large portions of territories now kept clear of many insects by birds will soon find such insects becoming a real sore problem for humans and many other living things. No, you won’t hear this from anyone except me. When it happens, then the cry will be: “Why didn’t somebody forewarn us.”  I just did. But who listens to me anyway. I am a dumbhead. Right?

In chess play we learn that what was good last year may be no good this year. Man’s desire to explore, to test and to find truth results from hard work and sense of achievment. Preconceived ideas are often shown to be ashes to enrich the soil for new plants to grow. The ideas we discover through study and research are always subject to either short term or long term duration but can never be construed as a permanent fixture of our social existence.

Why do religions hate? Why do people hate? The answer is that people love and there is a constant hate-love relationship toward many things that arise in this lifetime. Jesus came upon a woman who was about to be stoned for sinning. He simply said to the crowd: “Let him who has no sin caste the first stone.” This must rank as one of the greatest statements to a hateful crowd ever spoken.

Lets examine a little game to quench your thirst for some invigorating tactics.

1.b4  e5  2.Bb2  f6  3.e4

White is willing to gambit the b-pawn inorder to expedite his development and here time is a key attack motif.


GM Larry Evans once said the best way to defeat a gambit is to accept it.  That statement is a bit of a premature appraisal and optimistic.

4.Bc4  Ne7

Passive play follows energetic “prove your gambit sound”. Much more to the point I think would be jump moves like 4…Nc6 >5…d6 > 6…Nge7 with the hope of hitting the center with a timely d5 once he better developed.

5.Qh5+ Ng6  6.f4  exf4  7.a3  Bd6  8.Nf3  Nc6  9.Nh4

Knights only make good use of the a or h files when it is used as a springboard to invading deep into enemy territory.

9…Nce7  10.Nf5  Kf8  11.Bxf6!!  gxf6  12.Qh6+ Ke8  13.Ng7+  Kf8  14.Ne6+ Ke8  15.Qf8+ Rxf8  16.Ng7 check and mate.

I find this game so instructive for a number of features. First the King gets caught in the center. Second, the squares available for the King to run or even mount a bike is overcrowded so mobility is limited. Third, the Queen sacrfices herself to draw the Rook to f8 where the Knight can then deliver the knockout blow.

Mostly I find this encounter to bolster what my previous message relates to and hope you find it likewise so. Faulty plans rarely allow recovery when in the hands of the expert and shock tactics not fully appreciated ahead of time.  Amateurs playing the game are rarely foresee the consequences of poor planning or lack thereof.

Adios for now!!

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