Kindred’s Special: Humor is good for the soul and spirit

Ever wonder what happens

when a cowboy is bucked

from a horse he is breaking

and he finds himself at

the hospital bill paying desk?

A possible scenerio might go

like this: “Yes, you are covered

being bucked off your horse

you were breaking. However,

if you read the small print on your policy,

you will find it does not cover those

caused by hitting the ground.

Cheer up, though!

We will have you back on your feet

and back in the saddle again.

After all, you can’t pay all these bills

flat on your back!


When his kids came back from a chess

camp hosted by a famous Grandmaster,

his children reported their experiences.

“You mean to tell me that he advised you

to get plenty of sleep, lots of exercise,

a healthful diet, and consume plenty of liquid

prior to an upcoming tournament?

Shucks!!  Your mama gives you that advice

for FREE!!


The hall was filled to overcrowding

Chess public and reporters filled the gallery.

How would ex-champ Botvinnik meet

powerhouse and new World Champion, Tal?

Many stood along the walls,

hoping their feet would not grow tired.

Champ and challenger emerged

to seat themselves at the board.

Tal, with white, Botvinnik with black.

Thousands of games past, openings tried.

How would Botvinnik respond to Tal’s

opening move of 1.e4.

The crowd grew tense

Botvinnik took the c-pawn in hand

The crowd looked surprised

thinking the Sicilian Defense.

Pawn to c6!

The crowd grew tense

For the ex-champ chose

the Caro Kan Defense!

He beat back the attack

with solid defense

and won the promised

favorable endgame.


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