Kindred’s Special: Reevaluation

In chess it is often necessary to reevaluate your study habits, diet, sleep requirements, opening selections and finding the right level of exercise to keep your game in top form.  This is true of politics, too.

President Obama perhaps would make a good chessplayer.  Recent decisions about security, revamping the auto industry through encouragement of the three major manufacturers to set a clear path to providing our national needs for quality vehicles is good if he is not misleading us once more?!! It seems to me there is still time to reevaluate what makes good campaigning to get votes and the reality of sitting (if he ever takes time to sit) in the oval office where he is burdened with making life and death decisions  and finding a way out of our financial straights.  What makes our country great is the ability of our branches of government to voice concerns and here “talk radio” and “internet blogs” help to lessen over zeal and waste.

Often the very old French Defense is browbeaten by some who evaluate it as inferior due to the dagger at the throat of the defense in the guise of the “bad queen bishop”. Yet, Fischer found it rather difficult to play against French advocates.

Correspondence players seem more friendly than most to its practice and recognition to its potential deadly nature.  John C. Knudsen playing against Heikki Arppi of Finland in the David Lodge Memorial Email tourney. So set up your pawns and pieces and see for yourself the arsonic nature of such a pest.

       French Defense/Winawer var. C-18

         White: Arppi       vs.   Black: Knudsen

1.e4  e6  2.d4  d5  3.Nc3  Bb4 4.e5  c5 5.a3  Bxc3+  6.bxc3  Ne7  7.Qg4  Qc7  8.Qxg7  Rg8  9.Qxh7  cxd4  10.Ne2  Nbc6   11.f4  Bd7  12.Qd3  dxc3  13.Qxc3  Nf5  14.Rb1  O-O-O  15.Rg1  d4  16.Qd3  f6  17.g4  Nh4  18.exf6  e5.

The imbalance created in the French has an attraction to French players.  Such complicated positions help enrich the tactics of chess.


Other moves tried in this position are 19.f7 or 19.h3.

19…Rge8  20.Qg3  d3  21.f7  Re7  22.cxd3  Nd4  23.Kf1? Nxe2!.

Arppi -Kotka went 23…exf4? 24.Qxh4  Rxe2  25.Rg2 f3  26.Rf2  Rf8 27.Be3! Nc2! 28.Bxa8  Rxf7  29.Qh8+ Re8

 30.Qb2  Re2  31.Rc1  Rfe7 32.Kg1  Rxf2  33.Bxf2  Re2  34.Bf1  Ba4  35.Bxe2  fxe2  36.Qh8+ (1-0).

24.Qxh4  Bb5!

This brilliant play was discovered by Richard Hall.  How ironic to see this so-called “bad queen bishop” come alive with such venom!

25.g5 discovered check Kb8 26.Bf5  Rxf7  27.Be4  Nxf4  28.Bxf4 Bxd3+!

This in-between-move forces the game closer to the end.

29.Bxd3  Rxf4+ 30.Qxf4  exf4  31.Ba6  Qc2! 32.Rxb7+ Ka8  33.Re7  Rd1+  34.Re1  Rxe1+ 35.Kxe1  Qb1+ 36.Kf2 

Qb6+ 37.Kg2  f3+  (0-1).

Chess history teaches us that no one game result will be the final word in nailing the coffin shut for good.  So, too, in our political world, those who provide governance are prone to make good moves and may follow-up with some decision blunders.

Chess is a reflection of life and life is likened to a chessgame where the result can prove equally deadly in mate or stalemate.


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