Kindred’s Special: BO can be pretty smelly

Some months ago I wrote a column on Barak Obama and I guess my description as a PIED PIPER was pretty accurate then and continues to be today and likely tomorrow.

Like most Americans I was willing to give the guy a chance even though I was smart enough not to vote for him. (I like Gov. Mike Huckabee and think he would have made a truly great president.) My grandpa told me once one should be suspicious of “smooth talkers” and this guy fit the bill of grandpa to a tea. Maybe that is why we recently witnessed the huge number of TEA PARTIES across the span of states we call America.

How stupid can the news media be in glorified exaltation of this fraud?  Double-talk follows lying with a straight face and a sincerity that make one clap for joy that we have a president who understands the world as no one else does! Because when I see a dog, a duck, a goose, a shovel–I know what I see; when I see  the term U.S. President, I think of George Washington and all those who came after that helped preserve our liberty, freedom, and heritage as a place for all those who seek a new life may apply.

Today we have a president named Barak H. Obama who without a doubt is intelligent, smooth as silk in speech, has a lovely family and a darling dog but lacks the depth of character so necessary in the final analysis of what is required of our leaders regardless their position in life. He tends to say whatever it takes to appease those with whom he meets with no lack of compulsion to alter or reverse his rhetoric to fit the moment. He is all things to all people. That is scary because it is also the very nature of Satan–the deceiver.

When I think of  Obama I visualize a horrible listing that probably many journalists and reporters who represent the news media do not have in their vocabulary: appeasement, censorship, confiscation, mandates, nationalization, outlawry, restriction, state law overrides, surrender. If you think hard and long, you can put together phrases that go with these words that describe the democrat philosophy and pinpoint not the failings but the corruption of liberalized thought toward controlling this Nation on a permanent plane. This guy is a sicko. But he is also clever and if America is not careful will find its government gone as we have known it and our Constitution which is the envy of the world and why so many want to come to our shores both for good and evil.

History does tend to repeat itself but in many different disguises. Like Germany, like Italy, like Japan, like Russia, like China and many other nations around the world despotism is ever present to invade the unwary, selfish, and those who believe peace is better than conflict and ever-so-ready to adopt appeasement. That is the warning of history. For, indeed, prior to World War II, there was a cry by many nations and peoples to find peace through appeasement. We know the result–millions of lives lost.

Recently Obama and his wife returned the statue given the Bushes of Winston Churchill who warned in vain about the rising threat of Nazism and Fascism beliefs of the Axis Powers. It was a slap in the face of the English people who looked upon “Winnie” as the savior of the British Empire in its dire state of disrepair. If it had not been for the heroism of the RAF and plane designer of the spitfire, etc. and help of volunteer fighter pilots from North America–both US and Canadian as well as those free from the European continent, the world would be a different place today. Churchill worked relentlessly to gain the support and aid of the United States that resisted such aid because of the national feeling of “appeasement” despite having a great leader in F.D.R.

The big question is whether we will beat back Obama’s desire for a socialistic state, crimping our freedoms as individuals, altering our national life based from free enterprise to a governmental entity.  He attempts to assure us his plan is to save the economy and the free enterprise system will be restored along with government oversight and control. He says this to the public while his actions speak louder and often prove out his forked tongue.

All I can say is GOD HELP US SAVE AMERICA!!! after seeing the disrespect shown in recent days by a leader who needs, really needs, approval by his peers.

We all witnessed the efforts of former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov who tried to bring to the attention of the masses in Russia the former KGB and failed leadership of Putin with some success. He possesses critical thought skills. As a chessplayer I, too, possess critical thought skills. I think my readers do who read my columns. Personally I tend to be non combative when it comes to politics but I am beginning to get fired up about the lack of attention and debate in this country that has anything other than polite discussion with failure to act.  B.H.O. has to be reined in much like a lively stallion who constantly is a threat to throw it’s rider.  In our case it is our national heritage that is at stake and so many seem blinded to the fact.


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