KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Am I Grieving With Pain Over a Love Lost?

Yesterday I died. I have been invited to leave World Chess Live (WCL) by Carla, administrative head assistant. Apparently when WCN and CL merged, becoming WCL, CL club members found themselves shortchanged by the powers that be. Arclight who headed the CL asked me to continue my column for WCL members so I set up my blog as a means to reach prospective readers of both a public audience as well as serve WCL members with my now 65 years chess experience and historical pursuit. The column had been well received in CL so it was assumed apparently wrongly that WCL leaders emerging would feel likewise. Not so.

Many know little or nothing about chess before the Fischer Boom and so it seemed logical to fill that void for the two groups mentioned herein and bring some new blood into the chess circle. I was flatly told that announcing my blog address in chat rooms was a form of advertising. Not so; while I agreed to stop doing so I also unsuccessfully attempted to get such a viewpoint changed but to no avail. Like USCF, it will remain in a box where chess is limited to those who play in the club. One need only look at the seemingly stagnation of the socialistic run USCF to see the same type of reasoning that the Fischer Boom climaxed the drive for building  adult support while expanding scholastic. The results show that membership has dropped. I am not sure interest has dropped.

One of my favorite poets, Helen Steiner Rice, wrote The Legend of the Raindrop.  I shall not quote it here but remember  the ending that goes: FOR THERE IS NOTHING EVER LOST OR ETERNALLY NEGLECTED–EVERYTHING GOD EVER MADE IS ALWAYS RESURRECTED.

There are those in the world of chess who are either atheists or agnostics and hate religion and terms that refer to the various names for God, Lord, Jesus in any reference or as imappropriate for children and discussion boards. Dictates like that add to a hate-love relationship among folks. With such moral decay in American life no matter how confined to current events, value of life is ever dwindling.  Witness aborton on demand, murder, child abuse, spousal abuse, kinky-lifestyles.



9 Responses to “KindredSpirit’s Kaleidoscope: Am I Grieving With Pain Over a Love Lost?”

  1. Nikita Says:

    I can’t see why they say “advertising” as your site is a blog! and not a site where they can play chess. Sad. I love HSR’s poetry/writings too.

    • kindredspiritks Says:

      I think so, too. But Carla seems bent on strict observance of the WCL rules as devised by the chap who sets policy. Unfortunately they appear to look upon me as a competitor and liability rather than an asset. I know they have professional GMs and IMs who give free or charge for lessons and regular games among them for interest but my site is dedicated to both the general public for those having little or no experience with chess and the joy one can benefit if it attracts their interest and disposition for game enjoyment. Many have no knowledge (including many in USCF or WCL for that matter prior to the Fischer boom of 1970s. I try to fill that void with my long experience of 65 years as a player since the late 1940s.

    • kindredspiritks Says:

      Thanks for your comments. Right on, I say! Two of my columns is devoted to poetry of mine, one on bowling of all things. Got quite a handclap by my league! But my sis is the real poet in the family. She writes beautiful stuff.

  2. Nikita Says:

    Wow, why not blogging some of your poetry… I would like to read some or even some of your sister’s!

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