Kindred’s Special: A Local Champ at the US Amateur Team

I get a lot of news visiting the Rochester Chess Center and my latest trek was no less a gem as Ron Lohrman proudly produced a copy of one of his youthful chess stars by the name of Matt Parry who it seems plays a colorful and sharp game of chess. I shall provide you, my reader, with the aesthetic beauty once again of amateur skills that never seem to find a home in the pages of our national magazine CHESS LIFE.  But first, let me provide an introduction of the opening and perhaps give you some insight into various ideas that might tempt a tactical player to explore and add to their repertoire of openings.

The opening is one of numerous systems of defense in meeting the white terror called The Ruy Lopez. The defense I examine is called the Moller variation 1.e4  e5  2.Nf3  Nc6  3.Bb5  a6  4.Ba4  Nf6 where Black plans to deploy his KB to c5 in answer to 5.O-O where the Bishop strikes the diagonal a7-g1 and points at the inherent weakness on the chessboard of f2. This idea can also occur in the Open Defense 1.e4  e5  2.Nf3  Nc6  3.Bb5  a6  4.Ba4  Nf6 5.O-O  Nxe4  6.d4  b5  7.Bb3  d5  8.dxe5  Be6  9.c3  Bc5!? the Dilworth variation, a dangerous attempt to throw White completely out  of his game plan. It leads to a sharp attack on f2 and kingside where any White miscue can lead to disaster very quickly. It can also emerge out of the Berlin Defense 1.e4  e5  2.Nf3  Nc6  3.Bb5  Nf6  4.O-O  Bc5, a favorite of one of the Chess Center’s top masters, I. Nikolayev.

           White:  James Critelli  (2348)    Black:  Matt Parry (2290)

                          Ruy Lopez                  Moller Defense

1.e4  e5  2.Nf3  Nc6  3.Bb5  a6  4.Ba4  Nf6  5.Qe2

This move stops the Open Defense and I used it a few times mainly to get away from the normal opening lines. It gives Black less problems than does 5.O-O and either 6.Re1 or 6.Qe2, the latter called the Worrall Attack of unknown origin.

5… Bc5  6.c3  b5  7.Bb3

This, and 7.Bc2 are both played here but I prefer 7.Bc2 because it adds protection to the square e4 and on b3 it looks good and adds count in my square count theory but the theory also entails the guarding of key squares which is accomplished by Bc2 with jump moves like d3 and Nbd2 in the plan mix.

7… d6  8.O-O  O-O  9.Rd1

This Rook maneuver also occurs in the Worrall Attack line but I favor placing the Rook on e1 especially when planning on the limited pawn advance d3 instead of d4. Now, 9… Bg4  10.h3  Bh5 11.d3 is a possible try to defuse the value of the Bishop sortie.

9… Bb6  10.h3  Bb7  11.d3  Ne7

Too slow for the Ruy Lopez. More appropo is the natural looking 11…h6  12.Be3 Bxe3  13.Qxe3  Re8  14.Nbd2  d5  15.exd5  Nxd5  16.Bxd5 Qxd5  17.b4  f5=+. With the N now leaving the Queenside, I think it is time for 12.a4!

12.Nbd2  Ng6

True, this brings to the Kingside another piece for the attack, it seems to never really amount to much from this post.

13.Nf1  h6

Not bad but here Black misses a chance to use his Knights and get one of White’s Bishops traded, thus: 13…Nh5  14.Bg5  Ngf4  15.Qc2  Qe8  16.a4  h6  17.Bxf4  Nxf4. As the game goes, White having the Bishop pair makes things more difficult for Black.


Personally this move looks dangerously weakening the King’s pawn wall defense. 14.Ng3  Re8  15.Be3  Bxe3  16.Qxe3 c5  might be a critical line for both players.  After 14.g3 Qd7 15.Kg2 a5  16.Be3 a4 17.Bc2  c5 looks plausible.

14… c5  15.Bc2  d5

Black has an 11/5 square count advantage which adds up to a spatial edge but the looseness of the position guarantees nothing more.

16.Ne3  Qc7  17.Nf5  c4

Oddly enough White might come out okay with 18.exd5 cxd3 19.Bxd3 e4 20.Bxe4 Rae8 21.d6  Qb8  22.Ne7+ Nxe7 23.dxe7 Rxe7 with unclear conditions.

18.Nd2  Rad8

A good tactical move bringing to bear more pieces on the central complex. After 18…cxd3  19.Bxd3  Qd7 20.g4  Qc7 21.Nb3  shows how complex the position is.

19.dxc4  dxe4 20.Re1  Qd7  21.c5!  Qxf5  22.cxb6  Qxh3  23.Nf1  e3! 24.f3  e4  25.f4  Nh5

There is no future here; besides Knights do not belong on the rim unless it is used as a springboard to a greater good. But it is hard to come up with a good plan here. Maybe 25…Ne7 26.Bxe3  Ned5 27.Bd4  Rfe8  28.a4  bxa4 29.Bxa4  Re6 30.Qh2  Qxh2 31.Kxh2 Nxb6

26.Qg2  Qe6  27.Bxe3  Nf6  28.Bc5

White again could play to clear up the Qwing with 28.a4

28…Rfe8  29.Ne3  Qc6  30.Bd4  Nd7  31.Nf5  Nf6  32.a4 b4  33.a5  Qc8  34.Ne3  Ng4  35.Ba4  Re7

Progress for either side is difficult to assess so I give the remaining moves to provide enjoyment of the actual moves played. Perhaps the time clock had a part as most games appear to experience toward the end. But some amazing positions occur and both players can be congratulated on producing such fighting spirited chess!

36.Rac1  Nxe3  37.Bxe3  Qc4  38.b3  Qe6  39.cxb4  Rd3  40.b5  axb5  41.Bxb5  Qxb3  42.Bc4  Qa3  43.Bxd3  exd3  44.Qd2  Qd6  45.Rc5  Nxf4  46.gxf4  Qg6+  47.Kh2  f5!  48.Rxf5  Qxf5  49.a6  Qh5+  50.Kg3  Qf3+ 51.Kh2  Re6!  52.axb7  Rg6!  53.b(Q)+ Kh7  54.Qc8!  Qg3+ 55.Kh1  Qh4+ 56.Qh2  Qxe1+  57.Qg1  Rxg1+ 58.Bxg1  Qe4+ 59.Kh2  d2  60.b7  d(Q)  61.b(Q)  Qe2+  62.Kg3  Qg2+  63.Kh4  Qe1+ 64.Kh5 g6#mate!!!

Interesting and bizzare feature in this game was the double b-file Queening of two pawns; four Queens on the board at the same time;a number of critical positions reached during play; both players showed cool although toward the end the bloodpressures must have risen for both the players and any onlookers.

Thanks guys for giving us such a stimulating and exciting match!

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