Kindred’s Special: Physical & Mental Exercise Compliment Each Other

Chess is a great game that helps mental exercise. But it also tends to compliment itself with computers;  sitting or laying on the floor and developing poor posture simply because you do not think about it so much.  Here is a perfect time while you read this to understand that your parents love you very much.  They are intelligent and have gone through much of what you have experienced, have yet to experience and they are not merely a crutch to lean on until you grow up and attend college, get a job, join the military, or travel the world exploring to find what makes you tick and get the most from life.  Take it from me, the KindredSpirit, that together they produced you, protect you, love you, cherish you, and have by and large not asked very much from you other than to keep your room neat, do chores free of complaint, love and respect your brothers and sisters if lucky enough to have some.  What is missing from all this is far too common a mix of roles you assign to others outside the family. Not your fault.  The pros are good at advising you to confide in your teacher, minister, priest or rabbi and least of all the KindredSpirit says is to trust your peers. Not that your peers cannot be friends and enjoy togetherness–that is part of exploring outside the home and family.  But this very special mom, dad, son or daughter relationship is the most precious ingredient in building your character, finding yourself, building your interests, learning how to cope with everyday situations that often is pooped as being old fashion and unworldly by today’s standards of morality.  The dirty little secret is that morality has not changed an iota; change has been the socialized liberal and sometimes intentional debunking of the family unit as not important by those tinkerers of behavioral experimentation.

Parents are not friends. Sisters and brothers are not friends. The family unit is a cohesive blood connector where respect, love, the very fabric of protection–that feeling that no one has right to hurt those I love dearly.  That dad and mom would lay down their own life to protect you.  I say to call a dad or mom: “my best friend” is lacking the principle role they have.  That relates also to grandparents and great-grandparents etc. that have formulated what is commonly called the family tree.  You are a makeup of that tree, the end result of maybe a hundred years or more of family history. Yes, you may not know them, really care less about that tree or you may bless the fact that you are aware of them and show honor to them.

In every sense your body is the spiritual home for your soul.  It is important not to abuse it.  Going back to the first part of this column  and subsequent discussion of family may seem to possess no meaningful relationship.  But I hate to differ. You see, you are responsible for yourself.  We have brainpower to think, to analyze, to meditate about the things that benefit, scare, or which we find value and contentment.  Playing games, using the computer, reading a great deal, entering and playing in chess tournaments–all these cause the body time-wise to least exhibit a physical need to perform. It is important to get sufficient sleep and physical exercise to tone your muscles and keep healthy. Proper diet is one of the key roles of your mom or dad who prepares your meals. It is not my topic here to suggest meals that are good for you. Suffice it to say that moderation is good in almost everything you consume.

God bless you and remember to pray daily for family, those you know, our leaders and our troops who fight to keep us safe and give comfort and aid to those less fortunate, and the American Indian tribes who suffer most during these winter months.

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