Kindred’s Special: What the Bible Tells Me

In plain language I am not pushing religion on anyone who reads this nor am I advocating what I write is truth, only the spirit within me that puts my fingers on the keys that type out my thoughts.

The Bible is full of stories, prophecies, poems, letters, prayers and declaration of God’s love. But, too, there is the Spirit of Life which I mean to say is the discovery of human experience and history that deals with both people and government. It answers the often times question: Why did God let this happen?

There are times in history when wars are waged to restore balance and peace among peoples. War should be the last resort but it is always evil that sets in motion the human Spirit to say: “Enough is enough.” And consequently, people within nations do battle to bring about peace. Where it ends is my looking at it all with utter sadness that sin cripples the body and mind, seeks to harden our Hearts and our Spirit.

Prayer is the communication, one on one, with our Lord. How do we pray, teach us to pray were requests for knowledge from the apostles of Jesus. Notice that when Jesus prayed, he always went off by himself for a quiet and deeply secret communication with the Father. In truth, prayer is the direct link with God. I believe it is a private matter and to pray openly among people or in group sessions is not a talk with our Lord.

We often hear the Christian desire for prayer in the schools. Is it any more valuable to hold group prayer than to go into a quiet place to pray out of sight of others? To me, prayer is a personal thing between myself and my Lord, not something to showcase for public applause or distain.

Jesus did not come to confront government and rulers. Read your Bible and see who he did confront both with anger and physical might.

Those who might wonder how to develop and grow in attaining the building blocks for a solid foundation and strong character that is fruitful, I believe you only need to kneel by your bed at night and ask the Lord to enrich your Spirit and grow in God’s Grace. That means reading the Bible and to practice for example the Ten Commandments to the best of your ability.

The Holy Spirit will become a part of you, and in studying his Word and discoveries made every day, the path of true Faith, will be a rich blessing not only for yourself but those you are privileged to be part of in the walk down the road of Life. That achievement is the true gift of our Father in Heaven and the fulfillment of his blessings!

In chess we find a game of conflict. Lets face it, the world would be a dull place without conflict. But the conflict on the board of 64 squares enlightens those who find it. Chess like love and music has the power to help make people happy.

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