Kindred’s Special: Idiots Unite or Road to Nowhere

Again, I put my chessboard aside but sit there eyeing the men awaiting call for arms and battle. Why do I suffer so? Is it not sane to examine the world in all its follies to try and discover some truth of the debacle we find ourselves embracing or waging verbal insults to justify our own images of self perfection?  Hardly, I say. Truth be told, the world for all its historical backdrop continues to commit the same flaws of past times and embraces those illogical isms that convey nothing but ruin for those who follow them.

I like to look at the world from the barest of concepts starting with the individual, then family, then community–all geared toward a spiral buildup to nationalism and internationalism.

“We are living in the best of times.” is often quoted by the politicians. Maybe so. Certainly at most levels of human relationships, this is true. Yet, is there not a vague and somewhat alarming cancer reaching out that gives one a sense of foreboding about the way the world makeup is headed? In my lifetime of 70 years, subtracting 20 perhaps for emotional and educational development, I can only speak of my America with love but also view the world bodies as a transient mess. And I frankly fear for my America because our United States is being ever pressured toward the global eye view of the United Nations and the elite who profess to know more than myself who is nothing but a whiff upon the wind of time. Do as I say, not as I do is the banner of the elitists of the world. Just look around!

The USA is the only developed nation to ignore fully the natural resources available of using new technologies for coal, oil, gas, and nuclear energy development while at the same time asking our scientists and our inventors to develop alternative sources that will in the future provide our national needs and maintain economical growth and world leadership.

Simple to say but we find ourselves hamstrung trying to change the elite environmentalist view of saving the planet because man is the cause of all our problems. Hogwash.

There is also the danger of tinkering with our whole system of existence, hidden in the guise that togetherness of purpose brings peace and prosperity for all. I doubt it. If one looks at President Johnson’s idea for an American Utopia, to Hitler’s Germanic superior race, to Marx, Engels and Lenin’s universal communist manifesto for world domination, for Stalin’s and other dictators through modern radicalism, it goes to prove that the larger the goal, the larger the plan, the larger the powerbase– it all ends in a decline of the individual, of self determination, principles that shine on good versus evil, and freedoms in our daily life to pursue and make the best of our collective existence as individuals, family, community and nation.

To compete economically we are told by the elitists that we have to go global. Like Europe, the North American continent must join in a 3-nation, no boundaries, international union where borders, language and culture blend. A real UTOPIA!!! Oh, yes, and we have to include visitors like China and others to play an ever increasing role as economic partners just like a student exchange program. In China’s case, they already control one of our major ports and guard it with their automatic weapons from too close scrutiny by US coast guard or other officials.

Former Secretary Madeline Albright once noted that the United States should not be the only superpower in the world and together with the Clinton administration concocted to give many of our naval and other secrets to the Communist Chinese Government which, in a future war, may damage our national defense and to win battles at sea. Thank you President Clinton, and Ms. Albright.

Power corrupts and the lust for power illustrated herein may result it a very dangerous world. I am reminded of the tale of Pandora’s Box: Once you open the door to its seductive power and magical attraction, you have released its uncontrollable power.

Force is often times the end result within the human environment whereby we simply cannot ascertain the end result. The world has needed America. The Americans are a compassionate people. But let the evil of the world fully understand, the American spirit can also be an avenging spirit. Those who do evil to our good values and work throughout the world, have never learned this because America has never dealt a crushing blow outside the two World Wars we fought, the police actions to save our allies, and our own Civil conflict that kept of our nation one and freed the slaves at the cost of many hundreds of thousands of free men and women.



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