Kindred’s Special: Civic-Industrial League

The Eastman Kodak Recreation Center hosted for several years the chess team leagues.  The 1970 Fall-Winter-Spring months brought together 150 players on Monday evenings from 7:00p.m. – 11:00p.m. which met weekly to do battle. As reported previously, these were non-USCF rated due to the by laws of the Rochester Athletic Association that governed all company and corporate sports activities. The fact that these games were hard fought attests to the joy of chess whether rated or not.

                       1970  Civic – Industrial Chess League

       Roman Tyshovnytsky  (White)      vs   Donald Reithel  (Black)

                            Opening:  Sicilian Defense

1. P-K4  P-QB4  2. N-KB3  P-Q3  3. N-B3  N-QB3  4. B-B4 P-K3 5. 0-0  N-B3 6. P-Q4  PxP  7. NxP  B-Q2  8. NxN  BxN  9. R-K1  P-QR3  10. P-QR4  B-K2  11. B-KN5  0-0  12. P-QN4  Q-B2  13. B-N3  P-N4  14. PxP  PxP  15. Q-Q3  Q-N2  16. P-B3  KR-Q1  17. R-R2  P-R3  18. B-R4  RxR  19. NxR  N-N5          20. B-N3  N-B3  21. Q-K3  R-R1  22. Q-Q3  RxN  23. BxR  Q-R2ch  24. K-B1 QxB  25. Q-B3  Q-B5ch  26. QxQ  PxQ  27. P-B3  P-Q4  28. PxP  NxP 29.R-B1 B-B3  30. B-K1  K-B1  31. B-Q2  K-K2  32. K-K2  K-Q3  33. K-Q1 B-R5ch  34. K-K2  K-B2  35. P-N3  K-N4  36. P-R4  P-K4  37. B-K1  B-Q1  38. B-B2   P-B4  39. K-Q2  B-B3  40. B-K1  P-K5  41. PxP  PxP  42. B-B2  B-K4 43. B-Q4 BxP  44. R-KN1  B-B5ch  45. K-K2  P-N4  46. PxP  PxP  47. R-KR1  B-B7  48. R-R8  B-Q6ch  49. K-Q1  KR5  50. R-Q8  N-K6ch 51. K-B1  K-N6  52. P-N5  P-N5  53. P-N6  N-B4  54. K-Q1  NxB  55. PxN  P-B6. White resigned.


In the early 1970s the Xerox Recreation Chess Club, Webster, NY, was very active and produced some very talented players.

           David Buckley   (White)      vs   Donald Reithel  (Black)

                                Reverse Indian Attack

1. N-KB3  N-KB3  2. P-KN3  P-KN3  3. B-N2  B-N2  4. P-Q3  P-Q3  5. 0-0  0-0  6. P-K4  P-B4.  It was Fischer’s idea that depending upon the central pawn thrust, it was best to create an imbalance by this move rather than responding with P-K4.

7.  QN-Q2  N-B3  8. P-B3  R-N1  9. R-K1  N-K1  10. P-QR4  P-QR3 11. N-B1 P-QN4  12. PxP  PxP  13. Q-B2  N-B2  14. B-K3  B-Q2  15. R-R2  P-N5  16. Q-Q2  17. PxP  R-K1  18. P-Q4  N-N4  19. R-QB1  N-R4    20.   Q-K1  N-N6 21. R-B2  PxP  22. PxP  N/6xP  23. NxN  NxN  24. BxN  BxB  25. N-Q2  B-K3  26. R-R4  B-N2  27. R-B1  Q-Q2  28. R-R6  KR-QB1 29. N-B3 Q-N2 30. B-B1 RxR  31. QxR  QxP  32. Q-B7  R-QB1 33. N-Q2 RxQ 34. NxQ  B-Q4 35. B-Q3 R-B8ch 36. K-N2  P-B4  37. K-R3  PxN  38. B-K2  R-KN8  39. R-N6  P-K6    40. P-B3  P-R4  41. P-KN4  PxP  42. PxP  P-N4  43. B-N5.

At this point, David missed a brilliant try with 43. B-QB4!!, a classic “swindle” try as on 43…BxB, 44. R-N8ch!

43. ….  B-N7  44. K-N3  B-K4checkmate.


6 Responses to “Kindred’s Special: Civic-Industrial League”

  1. David K, Seattle Says:

    dear kindredspirtks, i have added you to my list of blogs to be added (to my already huge blogroll, but, alas, few as advanced in chess as you. nice blog. warmly, dk
    PS, matriculated from the Cooper Union in NY, NY, registered architect NY State but inactive therein now…

  2. Stephen Dann Says:

    I’m a chess columnist from Central Massachusetts, and I’ve been writing for almost 40 years about amateur chess competition. I’m particularly interested in the social/civic/commercial/industrial leagues that seemed to thrive before the Fischer chess boom in 1972. Anyone have any other recollections of the days when people gathered to play for fun?

    S. Dann

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