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Kindred’s Special: Santasiere’s Folly

March 1, 2008

The Winter Knights Invitational was the last Round Robin event I organized to be played over the winter months at the Rochester Chess Club. I had hoped it would become an annual event but with the rise of the number of Swiss Tournaments, the hope died. To me there is a place for this type of tournament and it was most enjoyable to play in it. The biggest joy was that I won the event. Some of the best players in the club participated.

                         1969 Winter Knights Invitational

   Don Reithel  (White)        vs  Don Stubblebine  (Black)

                                  Santasiere’s Folly

1.Nf3  d5  2.b4  Nf6  3.Bb2  e6  4.b5  a6  5.a4  axb5  6.axb5  Rxa1  7.Bxa1  b6  8.e3  Bb7  9.Be2  Bd6  10.0-0  0-0.

Black has played the opening with his usual expertise. I played previously two tournament games where my opponents erred early and the positions crashed.

11.c4  Nbd7  12.d4  dxc4  13.Nbd2  Re8.

Black has his eye on getting in e5 with good piece play.

14.Nxc4  Qe7  15.Bd3  e5  16.Nfxe5  Bxe5  17.dxe5  Ne4  18.Bb2  Ndc5  19.Ba3  Nc3  20.Qc2  Nxb5  21.Bxh7+  Kh8 22.Bb2  g6  23.Bxg6  fxg6  24.Qxg6  Ne6.

A typical Nimzowitsch decision to blockade the e-pawn and what better piece than the Knight to effect such a blockade? Play has turned into great complications.

25.Qh5+  Kg7  26.f4  Rh8.

At this point I was expecting him to play Rg8 threatening to win in which case I was planning on playing 27.Nd6!! in the style of Mikhail Tal. While deprived of this, the text is no less threatening and I had to turn on my thinking cap evaluating just how I would continue to press him.

27.Qg4+  Kf8  28.f5  Nc5  29.f6  Qh7  30.Qg7+ Qxg7  31.fxg7+  Kxg7  32.e6+  Kg8  33.e7! Black resigns. (1-0).

I came to know Tony Santasiere when serving as CCLA editor and he sent me one of his poems which I published. He was a true lover of chess. I remember his debate with GM Larry Evans in Evan’s column where Evans claimed his opening was at best a drawing game. I sent Tony this game and it made him immensely happy that I adopt it occasionally and congratulated me on a nicely played game.

How to Play Chess: The Alekhine Defense

March 1, 2008

     Garry Reynolds wields a mighty pawn storm against my choice of the Alekhine Defense that I once coined: “The Desperado Defense”. It is the first time I faced this particular line by white.

     Garry Reynolds (white) DR KindredSpirit (black)

     1.e4  Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.c4 Nb6 4.c5 Nd5 5.Bc4 e6 6.d4 b6 It is important to create countermeasures against the white center as soon as possible.

     7.cxb6 axb6 8.Nf3 Ba6 9.Bxa6 Rxa6 10.0-0 Nc6 11.Nc3 Nxc3 12.bxc3 Qa8 13.Qe2 Ra4 Increasing my square count along the rank. White positions the R to support the advanced e-pawn.

     14.Re1 h6 Here is an example of defense in square count. Black guards the g5 square and also creates luft for the K that stops a backrow mate possibility in the future.

     15.Rd1 Nd8 16.Qc2 Be7 17.Be3 d5 With the purpose of trying to neutralize the central complex.

     18.exd6e.p. Bxd6 19.Nd2 0-0 20.Ne4 Be7 21.Bf4 Qa5 22.Bxc7 Rc4 23.Bxd8 Rxd8 24.Qb3 Rdc8 25.Rab1 R8c6 26.Rd3 Ra4 27.d5 exd5 28.Rxd5 Qa8 29.Re5 Ra3 30.Qd1 Bf8 31.Qd7 Rxa2 32.h3 Ra7 33.Qd3 Draw 1/2-1/2.

Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: Life Battles & Chess Wars

March 1, 2008

I remember the year President Richard Nixon declared a national war on Cancer. Yet, over many years of research dollars spent, cancer has claimed the lives of many thousands of victims. Not only does cancer cause tensions in the lives of families but each of us must beware of Heart Disease.

The major difficulty is that by the time either cancer or heart disease develops to the point that your doctor tells you from test results it is often too late or, if caught in time, requires extensive lifestyle changes and costly medical treatment. Even then, while medical breakthroughs have a good success rate against some forms of cancer or heart ailments, it is a mixed bag.

Cancer cells abound in everyone’s body and our immune system fights and either kills or limits such cells becoming a danger to the body. But new cells develop constantly so the immune system must be kept healthy. Cancer strikes those who are prone to having allergies, asthma, colds, flu, and infections. Stress is an ever present danger to the immune system.

Heart disease is known as the silent killer or at least a silent enemy of healthful and joyful living. The valves in the heart may be functioning seemingly normal yet just one valve, muscle or vessel having some form of malfunction can bring on a heart attack. Headaches, back, joint or neck pain, fatigue and stressful anxieties for little or no reason can weaken the immune system and contribute to heart damage.

What are the causes of a general medical disease portfolio? I say portfolio because that is what a range of diseases potentially can be seen in the human body.

Modern science and medicine points to research and new drugs and medications as the only answer to battling ailments within the human body.  For every new drug that finds its way on the market, there is a host of potential side effects that are as bad or worse than the cure! And remember, in most all cases, there is no cure just treatment to battle the effects of any of a number of diseases.

There has been a long running debate between chiropractic and the medical establishment over treating the human body. In recent times, more and more doctors are beginning to see the value of joint work in treating patients. The main difference between the two is simply that chiropractic practioners believe in preventive care. They do this through what is called the Chiropractic Spine and Central Nerve System Corrective Program, avoiding all prescribed and non-prescribed drugs whenever possible and utilizing nutrition, exercise, and stress management. They point out that sickness, disease, and death don’t happen in an instant but grow over time. If the body stops functioning as the master Creator never intended, then ills lead to malfunctions. It was discovered that subluxation causes the body to begin to work abnormally. What the chiropractor does is to eliminate nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignment) to get the body working correctly again. Studies show that signs of vertebral subluxation are:

Physical: Pain, Sickness, Disease, Loss of Vitality, Failure and/or Poor Performance, and Death.

Mental: Forms of insanity, Lower IQ, Hyperactivity, Learning Disorders, Divorce, Rape, War, Failure from daily pressures, Crime, Depression and Anxiety.

Spiritual: In the form of Degraded Life and those listed above.

Today we experience global warming as being created largely by human excessive consumption of natural resources. Conversely, in very recent days, it has been determined that we are more likely to be entering a new mini-ice-age which could cause world disaster due to famine because the food supply would be wiped out in many areas of the world or at least curtailed in terms of productivity. And our brilliant minds tell us that creating artificial remedies for coal, oil and gas by turning our natural food sources into ethanol, etc. is the solution to fighting the so called global warming of the Earth. The real fact is that these radical ideas are causing higher prices in the food chain, lessening the availability of food sources because of competition waged in conflict with energy needs.

Frankly I wonder if our world leaders are so full of dope and drugs that they have lost commonsense and ability to see the world and needs of people and animals in a rational way? Greed, corruption, murder, rape, sex seems to be the key to media values and their concept that real news, intelligent thought, and a value system lost in modern consumption for ever more instantaneous self-gratification is destroying the national foundation on constitutional principles for how and why this nation was formed.

In my own personal review of written data over time, I have come to the belief that drilling for oil and gas and constructing new nuclear power plants are the immediate and economical means to solve our energy problems. Along with this, effort to find additional means for energy savings is in the interest of wise governance of our Earth resources. If Japan can build the Toyota, the Honda, and the South Koreans can build like automobiles, why cannot the skillful Americans do likewise? If these foreign CEOs earn decent salaries, why is it that American CEOs require hundreds of times the wage of their workers? Something is out of whack!!

My belief is that living a successful life requires one to speak out when you wait for others to do so and there is nought but silence. Then it is time to speak out and to provide some semblance of right and wrong in society. In life’s battles as in chess battles, it takes critical thinking to solve problems facing us in our daily lives as well as on the board. Perhaps that is what the great Steinitz and Kasparov concluded: critical thinking in chess is an asset to bringing attention needed to social needs and helping to keep focus on the principal issues of the day.