Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: NYS Chess Beckons

The future of chess in New York State is better than ever with a host of tournaments across the various regions and the attraction of new business enterprises and growth opportunities makes it a good place to find a home for chessplaying guys and gals.  In addition there are states nearby that have super events like in the woods of Southeastern Connecticut near the mystic coast.

In some ways I would liken this to a piggy-back affair! Read on and I will explain.

Two really super tournaments take place in March 2008. What are these?

                                 The 30th Annual Marchand Open

                                            March 8-9,  2008

A Heritage event, this long time tournament has 40 Grand Prix points!

It has a rich history going back 30 years when local chess officials honored Dr. Erich W. Marchand with naming their main open tournament in his honor.  Dr. Marchand was many times Rochester Champ, and won many regional tournaments including a number of NYS titles and also was champion of Missouri prior to moving his family to Rochester, NY.  For many years he was the most active tournament player in USCF.

A mathematician of reknown, he served on the USCF committee to create what became known as the ELO rating system after the chairman A. Elo. Four members served on that committee and while slightly altered over the years, it has stood the test of time admirably.  He also served a term as Vice President to which Max Pavy wrote in Chess Life that he was happy to see Dr. Marchand serve as he brought much depth needed in guiding the ship of state.

Details can be found in CL, Feb. 08, page 63 which I repeat here.

5 rd Swiss System, 30/60 SD 60.  St. John Fisher College-Kearney Auditorium, 3690 East Ave.  Rochester, NY.  Guaranteed prize fund $$5375 Open: ($1000-550-300-175); U2200 & U2000 each ($300-175). Entry Fee: $55.00. Under 1800 ($350.-240-130) and under 1600 ($230-150).  EF: $50. Under 1400: ($240-160-100). Under 1200 $150-100. EF: $45. Under 1000: $150-110-75-40. Under 800 ($85-55-35). EF: $43. Unrated players in the under 1800 section can win only $125, in under 1400 and under 1000 ($55.). ALL ENTRIES $5 LESS HS, $10 LESS PRE-HS, $5 LESS IF RECEIVED BY 2/15/08. IMs and GMs free entry if entering by 2/15/08.  Registration: 8-9:15a.m. Rounds Saturday at 10-2:15-6:30p.m. Sunday 10a.m. and 2:15p.m.
1/2 pt. bye available in rd. 3 or 4 if requested at entry. Tel. inquiries  585-442-2430.  Ent.: Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610. W JGP.
Excellent food is available at the college at reasonable prices!
A number of strong GMs and IMs and many other high rated amateurs fill out the open section with a host of lesser lights, but none-the-less battling it out in the lower sections, all vying for a piece of the bread called CASH or at least the chance to play maybe the game of their life! as well as meeting old friends for good food and chat at the college dining rooms.
                          10th annual FOXWOODS OPEN
                                     March 19-23, 2008
Sponsored by the Continental Chess Association. See full page ad in the February issue of Chess Life, page 80. Inquires may be sent to Continental Chess, PO Box 249, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577.  Prize fund $100,000 based upon 650 entries.  $70,000 Guaranteed.
Playing in either or both of these wonderful events is an adventure and joy for chess players. These events are excellently run by efficient TDs and organizers.  One can sharpen his or her game in the Marchand and then feast on the menu at the Foxwoods Open!
If you like to play chess, meet interesting people, and enjoy a weekend of splendid opportunity to display your magic on the board, then you just got to consider entering these two great events. KindredSpirit would not entice you to make a wrong move or mislead you.

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