Kindred’s Special: Smashing the Sicilian

Mark Lanze was a very talented teen at the Rochester Chess Club, one of many that included Bob Eberlein, Ken Rogoff, Al Lanze, the Plutzik Bros., Bob Joynt, Jr., Henderson, Dave Love and Chuck Baden. I often had some very exciting chess battles with all of them. In the following game, Mark Lanze again tests me in the Sicilian Defense and I was fortunate to come out on top despite the fast time control.

              Rochester Chess Club, 1971 Tornado #5

          Don Reithel  (White)        vs   Mark Lanze (Black)

                                     Sicilian Defense

1.e4  c5  2.Nf3  d6  3.d4  cxd4  4.Nxd4  Nf6  5.Nc3  a6  6.Bc4 e6  7.Qe2  At the time of this game, Bobby Fischer’s 7.Bb3 was most popular and I decided to try a little different approach to throw my young opponent a bone where he might go astray or at least be in less familiar territory.

7…Be7  8.Be3  Qc7  9.a4  Nc6  10.Nxc6  bxc6  11.a5  d5  One of the principles of this defense is that if d5 can be played Black gets a good and free position to play.

12.exd5  cxd5  13.Bb3  Bc5  14.Nxd5  Nxd5  15.Bxd5  Bb4+ 16.Kf1  Bd7  17.Bb6  Qc6  18.Be4  0-0  19.Rc1  Rb8  20.Bxh7+ Kxh7  21.Qe4+ Kg8  22.Qxb4  Bc6  23.f3  Qd7  24.Kf2  e5  25.Rhd1  Qf5  26.Qc5  Bb7  27.Bc7  Rbe8  28.Bd6  Rc8  29.Qxe5  Rxc2+  30.Rxc2  Qxc2+  31.Qe2  Rc8  32.Rd2  Qa4  33.b4  Re8  34.Qd1  Qb5  35.Bc5  Kh7  36.Rd6  Re5  37.Qd3+ g6  38.Qxb5  axb5  39.a6  Bd5  40.a7  Bb7  41.Rd8  Rd5, 42.Rb8  Bc6  43.a8(Q) Bxa8  44.Rxa8 Black Resigns. (1-0).

Mark played his heart out in this one and fought a gallant struggle in good generalship. Even though this was just a Tornado training event, I was pressed harder than I found in several of the Regional events sponsored by the club.

In 1973 I had occasion to do battle with another promising teenager, John Carini. It was a Sicilian in reverse coming out of my English Opening.

                     Rochester Chess Club, 1973 Tornado #23

             Don Reithel (White)   vs  John Carini  (Black)

                                       English Opening

1.P-QB4 N-KB3 2.N-QB3 P-Q4 3.PxP NxP 4.P-KN3  P-K4  5.B-N2  B-K3  6.P-Q3  N-QB3  7.N-B3  P-B3  8.0-0  Q-Q2  9.Q-R4  B-QB4  10.B-Q2  P-KN4  11.KR-B1  B-N3  12.N-K4  P-KR4  13.N-B5  BxN  14.RxB  P-R5  15.R/1-QB1  PxP  16.RPxP  B-R6  17. B-R1  B-K3  18.BxNP  PxB  19.RxN  PxR 20.RxP  RxBch 21.KxR  Q-R2ch  22.K-N1  B-Q2  23.NxKP  N-N3  24.R-K6ch  K-Q1  25.Q-Q4  P-B4  26.Q-Q6  R-B1  27.R-R6  Q-N2  28.R-R8ch  Black Resigns. (1-0).

This game was published by GM Larry Evans in his Chess Life column.  

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