Kindred’s Kaleidoscope: A Hard Long Journey

In 1969 I decided to take my vacation and use it to participate in Corning, NY where the locals had arranged to hold the New York State Championship at the Corning Glass Corporation. I earlier wrote A Salute to An American Icon featuring my battle with John W. Collins from round 2. My success gave me a 2-0 score and lo and behold I was next paired with my fellow club president member, the famous amateur Dr. Erich W. Marchand who was to win this event (one of many) with a total score of 8-1!  So set up your chessmen and enjoy the battle!

Through the years I have played many exciting games with my opponent and probably got the white forces about 60% of the time. For some strange reason, Dr. Marchand always seemed to defend with one of the Sicilian Defense set ups. That pleased me because I had a high percentage of success against this opening for some reason.

           Don Reithel  — White   Dr. Erich W. Marchand–Black

1.e4  c5  2.Nf3  e6  3.d4  cxd4  4.Nxd4  a6  I believe this is the first time I met this defensive idea but had some knowledge of its peculiarities.  It is called the Kan Variation and is quite popular due to the hedgehog type defensive ideas it espouses. Being familiar with Marchand’s positional style I dismissed a 5.c4 variation and decided to choose to develop my pieces to good squares in keeping with my own philosophy of opening strategy.

5.Bd3! This seems to me to be the most flexible plan for white.  With this, white can avoid playing Nc3 where b5 could prove annoying later on.

5…Bc5  6.Nb3  Ba7  7.0-0  Nc6  8.Kh1  Nge7  9.f4  d5 10.e5  g6 11.c3  Building a stop gap at d4.

11…h5  12.N1d2  Ng8  My opponent, like Collins before him, enters into a N tour that is giving me space and a free-hand development edge.

13.Nf3  Nh6  14.Qe1  Na5  15.Nbd4  Bd7  16.Be3  Rc8  20.Rc1 Ng4  21.Bg1  Be7  22.h3  Nh6  23.g3  Na8  24.Be3  Rc7  25.c4  dxc4  26.Bxc4  Ba3  27.Rd1  Qc8  28.Ng5  b5  29.Bd3  Nf5  30.Ne4  Be7  31.Nxf5  gxf5  32.Nd6+  Bxd6  33.exd6  Bc6+ 34.Kh2  Rd7  35.Bxf5! Taking advantage of the fact that the f5 pawn is tactically not protected by e6 because of the pin on the e-file and so the King must move to safety.

35…Kf8  36.Qc3  Rh6  37.Be4  h4  38.Qxc6  hxg3+ 39.Kg2  Qe8  40.Qxa8  Rd8  41.Qc6  Rd7  42.f5  Rh5  43.f6  Kg8  44.Rf3  a5  45.Rxg3+  Kh8  46.Bf3  Rh7  47.Bb6  b4  48.Rc1  Rh4  49.Qc8  Qxc8  50.Rxc8+ Resigns (1-0). After Kh7 51.Rg7+ Kh6 52.Rh8mate.

Thus, this gave me 3-0 having played three very good players. This event was held over nine days with one round per day. Unfortunately I got sun stroke playing minature golf with Matt Katrein and a couple other chaps and/or KFC dinner I had eaten before the next round. My mind went completely blank during the next battle against Dr. Buehl and then drew with a postal expert and with US master Matt Katrein where a bishop of opposite color ending was drawn with me holding a pawn material edge. I managed to win one more game and a loss finishing with a respectable 5-4.

Lessons from this game:

(1) Develope your forces in a timely fashion.

(2) Don’t poke around when a firestorm approaches your house.

(3) An imbalance will always create better chances for the player whose forces are poised aiming into the guts of an adversary.

(4) Given the chance, make your opponent squirm on his britches.

(5) Avoid playing minature golf on a hot sunny afternoon!

(6)Get plenty of rest and relaxation before the next round.


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