Kindred’s Special: Right and Wrong in America

Left-wingers love to beat down America and with allies like the media, ACLU, and those in the seats of power due to wealth, international influence peddlers, and those waffling because of poor quality education in many school systems across America always finding fault with the capitalist system that America so far has embraced as the most astute engine for economic progress, I decided to comment on the right and wrong of America and in so doing make an earnest effort to have folks turn on the light.

There are lots of things right in America. We have freedoms not always available in other lands. We can travel throughout the country without passports or checkpoints. We have good roads and bridges with excellent seasonal servicing to assure travelers safety on the highways. Every child and adult have vast access to educational goals. Our airlines provide among the safest travel in the world. Our huge land provides lakes, mountains, park lands where visitors can camp, fish, hunt, ski and miscellaneous pursuits like rock climbing, hiking, and use of various water craft, or just enjoy the beautiful countryside. Our country is blessed with near full employment and in most cases quality education has provided opportunities to enjoy a career of choice, good wages, opportunities to grow, a joyful and abundant family and religious life free of government dictates. Oh, I am sure I have missed more reasons but lets say that what is right about America is finalized by our system of government where the people have a voice through their elected representatives and leaders that periodically pass on their authority to new electees.

Can anything be wrong with America after such a wide ranging assessment of “the good life” America provides? In truth there is the frail balance of good and evil. Americans must ever be alert to keep our Constitution, a gift of wisdom by our founding fathers, and preserve the laws of the Land for, without law, a Nation cannot endure.

Today we face the constant threat of terrorism. Not just the terrorism of Islamic radicals who want to return to the 7th century life style for the world and eventually conquor and destroy all things western as those who study these issues proclaim. However, there is also the threat within our borders of people invading our shores legally or illegally who, in the first case stay beyond their passport time and others who invade our open borders with impunity and hide with the blessings of some employers for financial gain or use of their unique expertise. But more, we have so-called Street Gangs who roam our major cities and are becoming ever more emboldened to spread out to subburbs and rural areas. These gangs present a very real danger and yet because of the ACLU and others like it that blame the cops and other law enforcement and disinterest of the American people concerning the death penalty, our courts, our police, our schools, our businesses–all sit under the gun and violence of a band of ringleaders who, even if captured, are imprisoned where they can continue to grow their recruitment of new gang members.

In a real sense, our America is only as good as those who govern and do so with commonsense and possess real leadership which from time to time has been lacking.

This blog is basically one devoted to chess in the widest possible generalities of our social life in America. Others present various pet projects and interests whether based on political interests, social debates, humor, and other tidbits. So what am I writing about, not so far mentioning chess at all? The truth is in the pudding. Robert J. Fischer, former World Chess Champion, has died on January 17th 2008 in Iceland where he was granted a free place to live out his life. The US Government policy of sanctions against Yugoslavia in my opinion had little to do with Robert J. Fischer. The chessworld was waiting for a future time when he would come back to play chess and this happened in 1992 when Yugoslavia after much effort got Boris Spassky and Robert J. Fischer to return to the board in a rematch from their 1972 title fight. This match virtually shut down the war going on because chess is a great popularity in all European countries and perhaps more so in Yugoslavia where Fischer was considered a great hero. The battles raged on with Fischer once again topping the mighty Spassky by a score of 12.5-8.5 and showed Fischer and Spassky having lost little if any of their prowess for the game. The US Government State Department had told Fischer he could not participate. Fischer ignored that as any professional chess player who plays world-wide has every right to do. Are we living and following in the footsteps of that mighty USSR whose government destroyed many who wished to venture forth and do battle internationally in neighboring countries? Who purposely because of politics or religious beliefs were denied their chance for greatness in the practice of their beloved sport–CHESS? All the historic records are clear; the beatings given Pachman among many others who had family members threatened like in the case of Korchnoi. Of Victor Lublinsky who, because he wanted to play a postal match inorder to improve his English skills and which I had accepted his request as editor of CCLA, found himself under arrest, his family under surveillance, and my own home spied on by KGB agents or by our own government FBI. The US Government had no right to prevent Fischer other than to request he not participate in Yugoslavia to play a match long awaited by the whole chess world! Perhaps it was thought that this match would help deflame the bitter fighting that was taking place and some officials in the world of politics may have wanted to avoid that.

Our history is full of deceit, hate, lies and ignorance. From the American Indian Tribes abuse, being cheated, of having a wild western frontier where much outlawry and murder and some cases of the miscarriage of justice, all in the name of human advancement and establishing our great nation, somehow the good Lord has found us worthy to bless. However, lest we repent of our self gratification mentality, work to find true justice for all, to govern with honor, our nation will eventually go the way of Rome and other great civilizations.


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